The Happy Gal Go-To Salad

It’s that time of year…The weather is warming up, and we all know swim suit season is around the corner.Organize Your Health by trying out a few new workouts and healthy recipes. Today I want to share with you one of my quick and favorite salads. It comes together in a flash, and makes a … [Read more...]

Halloween Dinner

Halloween Week {Dinner}This week I am giving you some great ideas on how to have a FUN, SAFE, and DELICIOUS Halloween. Kick off the holiday season in a healthy way with these delicious dinner recipes for you AND the kids. From healthy food ideas to fun minute-to-win-it games, you're going to be … [Read more...]

Apple Bacon Pear Salad

This salad is perfect for fall: fresh apples and pears in season, with the tang of cranberries and feta cheese, and the rich flavor of bacon...my mouth is watering! You're going to love this Honey Red Wine Vinaigrette dressing, and you'll especially love how quickly this salad comes together. Hardly … [Read more...]

10 + 1 To-Die-For Tomato and Zucchini Recipes

What to do with the plethora of zucchini and tomatoes this time of year? There are so many delicious, healthy ways to enjoy zucchini and tomatoes. Check out these recipes and be sure to leave a comment to let me know how you like them. And if you haven't already, be sure to grab my TOP TEN TIPS FOR … [Read more...]

Healthy Fresh Raspberry Recipes

A few years ago we had a raspberry bush in our backyard. My six-year-old daughter was 18 months at the time, and while the raspberries were on, she would often turn up missing during the day. I never panicked, however, because I soon learned that she had a one-track mind: “get to the raspberry … [Read more...]

Mango Berry Spinach Salad

A little low-fat feta cheese, some sunflower seeds, and my favorite mix of berries and mango - can life get any better? Pair this with my FAVORITE homemade salad dressing, and you will be in heaven this summer with this amazing salad. It’s perfect for luncheons, a barbecue, or a light dinner with … [Read more...]

Healthy 4th of July BBQ

Last year's 4th of July BBQ was such a hit, we just had to do it again!So here it is...your menu is all planned and ready to go. This is just another way that The Happy Gal is helping you live your best life - healthy, happy, and organized.For more great recipes, be sure to check out my free … [Read more...]

20 Quinoa Recipes to Love

If you love healthy eating, or if you are trying to make it a part of your life, then you are probably hearing some buzz about quinoa. I'm just loving this little "grain." It is said to be the food that comes closest to supplying "all the essential life-sustaining nutrients" (Philip White.) I don't … [Read more...]

To-Die-For Avocado and Pine Nut Salad

This is one of my all-time favorite salads!  I just love the flavor blend of the avocado, red onion, feta, and pine nuts. I hope you'll love it too. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.And for more great healthy recipes, you won't want to miss my Healthy Easter recipes post … [Read more...]

Pear Gorgonzola Salad

The perfect salad for any occasion!Pear Gorgonzola SaladSpinachGrilled ChickenTurkey bacon bitsSliced grapesPear, peeled and slicedLow-fat blue cheeseCarmelized NutsCreamy Balsamic vinaigrette (recipe follows)(Note: Gorgonzola is just a fancy version of blue … [Read more...]

Pomegranate Salad

This is the PERFECT salad to take to your holiday parties this year! It's delicious and healthy and so festive! Be sure to click here for more great healthy and delicious holiday recipes from the Christmas The Happy Gal Way Series.  Pomegranate Salad   Spring mix lettuce Shredded or … [Read more...]