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Halloween Week {Dinner}
This week I am giving you some great ideas on how to have a FUN, SAFE, and DELICIOUS Halloween. Kick off the holiday season in a healthy way with these delicious dinner recipes for you AND the kids. From healthy food ideas to fun minute-to-win-it games, you’re going to be ready for the fun to begin!
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But for now…back to Halloween!
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This is a Layton family favorite! It’s the perfect soup to serve on a crisp Halloween night! You can healthy it up by using turkey burger instead of ground beef.
Taco Soup
Click HERE for Taco Soup recipe.

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These are so easy and cute. The kids are going to love them!
Eyeball Salad
1 Bag Lettuce mix
1 Sliced Tomatoe
1 Sliced Green Peper
1 Sliced Carrot
4 Hard Boiled Eggs Sliced
1 Small Can Olives
Low-fat ranch dressing
In a large bowl. combine lettuce and veggies. Slice the Eggs into three and layer with a sliced olive. Aren’t the eyeballs adorable?!! Top with a low-fat ranch dressing.
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 Pumpkin Cuties

Have you ever seen anything cuter at the dinner table? These Pumpkin Cuties are sure to be a big hit (and the bonus? They are healthy! No processed sugar!) Just peel the clementine and stick a small stem of celery in the top. The kids will definitely grab one for their plate!

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 Banana Ghosts

This is sure to be a kid Favorite. Cut your bananas in half, add raisins for the eyes and mouth, and voila!…You have your Banana Ghosts.

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Spider PB&J’s 
Not only will these be great for Halloween dinner, but they make a great lunch for the whole month of October! Use wheat bread with Adams all-natural peanut butter and Jam. Cut the spiders out with the end of a hollow soup can or round cookie cutter. (Use a smaller can or cookie cutter to make even smaller spiders. The kids would love a mama spider with babies!) Slide the pretzels in the side, give it some raisin eyes, and you’ll have a lunch or dinner the kids are sure to love!
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