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I love to share organizing tips with you, such as how to organize your fridge and your paper. Today on Studio 5 it was all about organizing your purse as I tackled some tough questions about how to manage all of the receipts, rewards cards, and lost keys. (You can watch the Studio 5 segment HERE.) So if you find yourself battling a disorganized purse, then listen up! Here is some good old fashioned Q&A (and some great product tips) to help you keep your purse organized:
Q: I have so many things in my purse.  My phone, my keys, lip gloss, etc.  Only I can’t ever find anything inside.  What’s the best way to keep it all organized so I can find everything quickly?
A: First thing – whenever you organize anything, zones and containers are important. For example, you have your “I need to find this in an instant” zone – like keys and phone, and you have your health and beauty zone (lip gloss, ibuprofen, sanitizer, etc.)  So if possible, you want to pick a purse that naturally has both zones and containers. A purse with built in sections and pouches is great because it provides instant zones and containers. The big tip here is to limit yourself by putting these same things in the same place every time.
If you need more pockets than your purse can offer, create your own containers by using these mesh pouches from Barnes and Noble. This set of four pouches is good for everything from small purses to larger bags and diaper bags, and make it easy to store like things together – whether it’s makeup, ibuprofen, bandaids, and sanitizer, or gum.
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I also love this key fob for helping you find your keys.
key fob
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Q: I have a big purse that I love and don’t want to give it up, but it doesn’t really have any storage or pockets.  How do I still use this purse and keep everything organized at the same time?
A: Oh, the dilemma of falling in love with a purse that is completely lacking in function! That’s where these great purse organizers can help. They help you create all of the pockets and pouches offered in those more practical purses.  So again, zone your purse – assign certain items specific places, and then discipline yourself to put those things in the same place every time.
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Q; I always end up with too much junk and things I don’t need in my purse.  But I don’t dare take anything out because I might just need it one day. How can I make sure I have all the necessities without too much clutter?
A: I love this question. This is for those of us out there that live in the “what if” world. What if I need this receipt? A different lipstick color? Another credit card? When I teach about organizing a space, I spend a lot of time talking about the need to simplify, and trusting in having less. If you feel like you are carrying your entire bathroom cabinet around in their purse the best tip I can give is this: instead of trying to go cold turkey and leave extras at home, store the extras and the “what if’s” in the car or at your desk at work. If you are constantly using them, then you’ll know it’s worth keeping in your bag. But if you find that you never give the supplies a second thought, you might find that you feel okay about not toting them around everywhere you go. You are basically weaning yourself from carrying around so much.
Q: I keep so many receipts and reward cards and gift cards but I can’t ever find them when I need them. Any suggestions?
A: As a matter of fact, I have a product for that! There’s nothing worse than digging around in your purse for receipts, or realizing that you left a gift card or coupon at home. Check out these great solutions. I love this gift card organizer – lots of slots and alphabetized, and fits so conveniently in your purse. This is also the solution for all of the rewards cards that are floating around in your purse.
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And then there is this accordion file case from Office Depot – the perfect way to store receipts and coupons. And remember, if you have a purse that doesn’t fit them, keep them in the glove box of your car in case of emergency.
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Just a few other tips to share. One of the biggest problems I see when it comes to purses is the upkeep. We all get excited about a new organizing product, or have great resolve to keep a purse clean when we get a new one, but over time that enthusiasm wanes. So the biggest tip I can give you is to choose a consistent time to clean it out regularly. And one of my favorite organizing concepts I teach is to habit hook – meaning to hook this new cleaning-out-the-purse habit onto an already established regular habit. My top recommendation? Clean out your purse while you are filling up the car with gas. You do this about once a week, and it always leaves you with time to kill. So use that time to go through the purse, toss the garbage, and put things back in their assigned places.
And speaking of hooks, we’ve all heard the statistics about how contaminated the bottom of our purses can be. This comes from setting your purse down on unclean surfaces. The solution? This purse hook that can transport easily in your purse. You’ll always have a place to hang your purse, no matter where you go.
Whether you want to organize your purse, begin eating better, or find a fresh new workout, The Happy Gal is your source for healthy, happy, organized living. Remember, life is short and you get one shot at it, so make it a happy one.
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    1. Lindsey, I’m glad you like it. And good news – the card cubby has already paid off for me; I found a gift card I had forgotten about last weekend and got two free movie tickets!

  1. Jenny, you are a STAR! My girls and I got caught up on your tv appearances. Great job!!! Love the idea of keeping ALL my rewards cards in the car in that organizer!

  2. Great tips. What I want to know is what brand is that purse and where did you get it? Too cute!

  3. These are great organizational tips. There do seem to be many different ways to organize a purse, but the best one I have found are the In A Pikle bags. Have you used one of these bags? They’re great! I love the different designs you can pick from and the different refill packs they have already ready. I have and use my 3 In A Pikle bags everyday. Check them out:

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