Organized Purse xxx

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Ready for a little organization in your purse? From receipts to lip gloss to missing keys, these products are sure to help! And don’t miss my segment on Studio 5 (You can watch it HERE) where I showcased these products along with THESE TIPS.
Purse Organizer
purse organizer
Perfect for those big purses that have no storage pockets! The quickest way to find your keys, phone, and other essentials. Click HERE to order.
Gift Card Organizer
card organizer
Love this! If you have a pile of gift cards or reward cards that you’d like to utilize, store them in this alphabetized card holder. Easy to store in your purse or glove box in your car. Click HERE to order.
Coupon/Receipt Organizer
receipt organizer
An expanding coupon or receipt file – alphabetized, so you can find just what you need when you need it! Click HERE to order.
Mesh Pouches
LOVE these mesh pouches from Barnes and Noble. Graduating sizes make perfect storage for all sorts of supplies – ibuprofen, lip gloss, lotion, or protein bars. The largest size is great for diaper bag supplies! Click HERE to order.
Purse Hanger
purse hanger
I’m in love with this one! Research shows that purses carry all sorts of bacteria from resting on unclean surfaces. Eradicate this by carrying with you your very own purse hook! Folds up and stores conveniently in your purse. (I think this makes a great gift!) Click HERE to purchase.
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