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I love the changing seasons! I can never quite pick my favorite. Long, carefree summer afternoons at the pool…crisp fall days in your favorite sweater… bright winter mornings with the sun glistening on the snow…how can you pick? But there is something about the fresh start of spring that starts sounding pretty good this time of year!
At The Happy Gal, it’s our job to help you get the most out of life.  Whether you begin preparing yourself or your home, a few of these tips can make the transition into spring just a little bit happier. And just think – a little prep work now will ensure that your flip flops (and toes) are ready for that first day of 70-degree weather.
Pack away your winter clothes
Getting dressed is so much easier when you aren’t sifting through off-season clothing. Move your sweaters and jeans to the bottom drawers, and dig out the capris and t-shirts from last summer. If you are limited on space, use under-the-bed storage bins LIKE THESE to store your boots, long sleeved shirts and winter coats. No sense in letting these items take up the prime real estate in your closet!
Buy a few new things for summer
I don’t know about you, but the start of every spring leaves me wondering what I was wearing last summer. And even if your supplies aren’t low, it’s always nice to spice up the wardrobe with a few new pieces. At the very least, I like to get something casual, something a little dressier, and definitely some new flip flops. Nothing better than having a fun new outfit waiting for the first warm day of spring!
Start exercising now
You know it’s coming…shorts, swim suits, and short-sleeves. Sometimes it’s tough to shed the winter clothing layers, but there’s no avoiding it. So because you will be exposing more skin soon, give yourself the gift of regular exercise – starting now. Whether it’s a daily walk, jog, or trip to the gym, it’s amazing how much easier it feels to slide on the shorts when you have been working out.
And because I love you, I’ve got to let you know about THIS post. It’s all about learning how to love yourself – and your body – even when you’re wearing a swim suit. Be sure to check it out!
Take care of your skin
Studies show that daily sunscreen application slips through the cracks during the winter months. Did you know that March, April, and May are the most common months for sunburns? We start to spend more time outside but the temperatures are still cool, so its easy to forget about sun damage. So lather on your favorite sunscreen – SPF 15 or higher. See for more great skincare tips.
Get a pedicure
Splurge at the spa if you can, or trade with your sister or girlfriend. There is nothing like a pretty set of toes to help your confidence!
Stock the car
Nobody likes being caught unprepared – which is exactly what happens on that first really warm day when you want to stop by the park with the kids. Load up a few camping chairs, a picnic blanket, some water bottles, and a good book – and don’t forget the protein bars and trail mix. Bring on the spontaneity!
Plan for meals on the go
In the spring, our lives get overtaken with soccer games and practices, recitals, and end of year programs. If I don’t plan portable dinners, the Wendy’s drive thru is too convenient. Make a list of several dinners that can be packed ahead of time, so you can feed your kids while you watch the game. Gotta love that multi-tasking. (And the bonus – no dinner dishes to do when you get home!!!)
Make freezer meals
Even on those nights when we are all home for dinner, I often run out of time to make a nutritious meal. Because eating healthy is important to me, I am always looking for easy ways to solve the dinner dilemma. Freezer meals free me up to spend time with my kids in the afternoon AND have a healthy diner on the table. Check out THIS post for more tips on making freezer meals.
Plan summer vacations
Don’t you just hate it when you finally decide on a summer vacation, but everything is booked up? Beat the system this year by making some early decisions. You’ll get better rates, more options for accommodations, and lots more time to get excited about it!
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Set simple goals for spring cleaning
The notion that your home needs to be cleaned out top to bottom is fading, but we still experience a natural energy and momentum to do a little spring cleaning. But it doesn’t have to be so intense. Pick a few high priority spaces to clean and organize – and then call it good. For example, the mud room might need some reorganizing and equipment-swapping for the seasons, or the garage could probably use a little love. Pick projects that will be most helpful for the upcoming summer.
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