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Family vacation are a mixed bag. You love them, and you love them to be over! We kicked off the summer this year with a major camping trip – 9 days of camping in a trailer with 7 people. Was I crazy to attempt such a feat? Absolutely! Despite the mayhem, however, those crazy nights where no one sleeps and all of the hikes when you don’t think you’ll make it down the mountain are the stuff memories are made of. And in between all the catastrophes are the funny and touching moments that make all of the work and hassle worth it.
But packing for such a trip? And keeping the kids entertained as we traveled from state park to state park? And night after night in a campground? These kinds of conditions called for some Happy Gal Love, and that’s what I’m about to share with you. Anything worth doing is worth doing organized…because in my experience, being organized means having less stress and more fun. So buckle up, ‘cause I’m about to revolutionize the family vacation experience!
Packing Tips

Travel Games
I was actually a fun mom this trip, and spent some time preparing activities for the kids while on the road. It made for a better trip for everyone! Here were some of the favorites:

Campground Activities
I have a mission. It is called “Get the kids off the electronics.” Seriously! Doesn’t it get old? We’re out in NATURE, for heaven’s sake! What ever happened to exploring and using your imagination?  Well, the kids need a little encouragement in that department, and here are some fun activities I planned to encourage them to be present and interact with each other.

Thanks to Come Together Kids for this fun idea that everyone enjoyed, from the 14-year old boy to the 2-year old girl. Find the instructions to assemble here. (Funny story…after the shooters were assembled, we took turns shooting the marshmallows while everyone tried to catch the launched marshmallow into their own cup. One of the funniest moments of the trip was when my 11-year old daughter accidentally caught a marshmallow in her mouth instead of her cup. I wish I’d had a picture to capture the pleasantly surprised look on her face!)

bingo cardAnother winner with my kids. I found these bingo boards on Amazon, and brought plenty of prizes from the dollar store. Bingo has become a family tradition when we travel.


I hope all of these tips help your trips to be more organized, and therefore more fun. I’d love to hear your tips and family favorites. Please share them with us by leaving a comment below!