15 days and 15 ways

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Here it is…the 15-Day Plan that will get your home ready for spring. Some of these are my own tasks, and some get delegated to my husband. Either way, these are the must-do’s around my place after a long winter. And the spring cleaning doesn’t have to rest on your shoulders (in fact, I think it shouldn’t!) Click HERE to see five fun ways the kids can get involved. It’s almost like a game for them!
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Day 1: Clean the BBQ
I grill all year long, and the BBQ gets pretty ugly! Spring time is the cue to send my man outdoors on a sunny Saturday to get things back under control. Day 1 is great – not much work for me at all!
Day 2: Power spray the outside garbage cans
Guess what, hubby? This is yours too! But oh, what a necessity! Outside cans get so stinky in the heat of summer!
Day 3: Store the winter coats and snow clothes
Okay, my turn to do some work. How I love freeing up coat closet space by storing away those heavy winter coats and snow clothes for the season.
Day 4: Clean out the kids closets (and yours, too!)
Schedule some time for this one. Out with the old, and in with the new. A few tips here: 1. remove all winter clothing. 2. Only keep the clothes you would really want to dress your younger kids. The rest of the clothes? Give them away, sell at a consignment shop, or donate to a charity. 3. Go through the bins of clothes from the older kids, and pull out the ones you think you’ll actually have your child wear this season. Get rid of the rest!
Day 5: Make a list of the clothing you and your kids need for spring, and do a little online shopping.
This is a fun one! Yes, you have my permission to put “shopping” on your to-do list.
Day 6: Wash the windows
I love this window washer from Amazon. For just $25 I can get a great tool that replaces the hundreds of dollars I used to spend hiring out the window washing job. I love letting the kids play outside on a warm spring day while I get my windows clean. And I love looking through those windows the next morning when the sunlight streams in. (Don’t forget to wash the insides, too!)
window washer
Click HERE for more information.
Day 7: Organize the garage
This doesn’t have to be an all-out deep cleaning (unless you have the time and ambition!) At the very least, rotate seasonal equipment for convenience. For example, store the ski gear, sleds, and snowblower in the back or on the top shelf, and move forward the bikes, lawn mower, edger, and soccer and baseballs. The point is to have what you need easily accessible. Sweep out the garage and the spring transformation will be complete! (Remember, done is better than perfect!)
Day 8: Get the carpets cleaned
Love this one. More delegation! All it takes on my part is a phone call, and then the kids and I get to play while someone else does the work.
Day 9: Clean the oven
Another great task if you have a self-cleaning oven. A push of a button is usually all it takes. I also like to replace the foil I keep at the bottom of the oven to catch drips.
Day 10: Wash and prep outdoor furniture
This is an exciting step. I love getting the cushions out on the chairs and taking the tarp off the patio table. It’s the promise of happy times in the near future.
Day 11: Winterize snowblower
More delegation. Love it! I remind my husband that this needs to be done, and after the first snow storm the next fall he always thanks me. It’s great to have reliable equipment that is well-maintained.
Day 12: Tune up lawnmower
This is my man’s job as well. Love having the lawnmower ready to go for that first Saturday in the spring when you are itching to get the lawn back in shape.
Day 13: Clean the front door
Sweep the porch, dust away the cobwebs, polish any hardware, and set out a new mat or wreath. So refreshing!
Day 14: Clean and replace your furnace filter
Skip this step, and you will find yourself without air conditioning the first day the temperatures outside really get north of 85 degrees. Just do it! So worth it.  I know from experience.
Day 15: Clean ceiling fans
Out of site, out of mind…until you turn them back on and dust flies every where. Get a cloth and clean them off! There is some strange satisfaction in wiping away that much dust.
There you have it, some of my favorite ways to get my home ready for spring. What are the must-do’s for spring at your house?
Image by Kristin Clove of cdotlove.blogspot.com

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  1. You’ll be glad you did! Promise yourself a little reward at the end, like going shopping for something new or getting a massage. I love incentives like that!

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