Parenting Strategies

This morning I had a heavy mother heart. I have great kids and I love being their mom. But it’s just such a responsibility to raise them, and I have thought and prayed about them all morning. How do I best counsel this particular child? What kind of help does another child need? How can […]

Love Your Body 2017

Click HERE to enter the Love Your Body 2017 Giveaway! The seasons play a funny trick on us when it comes to body image… All winter long, nestled deep beneath sweaters, jackets, and other cozy layers, all the insecurities about our thighs, stomachs, and upper arms feel like a thing of the past.  We almost […]

11 Happy Gal Ideas for Family Service

A few weeks ago on Studio 5 I shared our family’s experience of mentoring a refugee family from Somalia. Check it out…Studio 5 Segment   Filming that segment got me thinking…an important part of organizing my life has been organizing my family. And one of the greatest ways we have organized our family is with […]

Being OK With Who You Are

I have an unhealthy cycle in my life. It goes a little something like this: I attend an event, see something on Pinterest, or hear about something new, and immediately determine that THIS NEW THING must become a part of my life. Sometimes it’s something for my Happy Gal business, other times it’s something I […]


My life took an unexpected change a year and a half ago, on my 38th birthday. That sounds dramatic. No one came close to death, and life went on as usual the next day. But I received an unexpected gift that day – the gift of perspective. Here’s how it all came down: About 8:00 […]

Halloween Minute-to-Win-it Games

[pinit count=”horizontal” url=”” image_url=”” description=”If you are looking for some great Halloween Games these minute to win it games are intense and so much fun!!! They are also super easy to put together. #halloween #minutetowinit #games #fun #kids”]{Games} I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that Minute-to-Win-It are the best things that have […]

You Are a Good Mother

[pinit count=”horizontal” url=””image_url=”” description=”Hope and encouragement for all of those times you tell yourself you’re not good enough. You are! You are a good mother! #thehappygal #mothersday #goodmom”] Ladies, I’m about to own up to some of my deepest, darkest secrets about being a mother. Over the years, it is true that I have found […]

The Body Image Game

[pinit count=”horizontal” url=”” image_url=”….jpg” description=”5 Rules of a Body Image Game that we don’t want to play! Read this post to see how the Game pulls you in even when you don’t realize it! #bodyimage”]Today I will be discussing the topic of body image with Matt Townsend on his radio show. (You can listen in […]

Unselfish Women Put Themselves First

[pinit count=”horizontal” url=”” imgae_url=”” description=”Do you feel like you are being selfish when you put yourself first? Discover 5 reasons why it’s important to put yourself first. #thehappygal #motherhood #woman #selfworth”]I’m going to give you the shortlist. But first you get my two cents on the matter. Let me ask you a question. Is it […]

5 Reasons You Aren’t Achieving Your Goals

[pinit count=”horizontal” url=”” image_url=”×10241.jpg” description=”Struggling to keep those New Years Resolutions? Simple steps to help you become aware and create real results. #thehappygal #acheivinggoals #goalsetting”] I know this something we usually talk about in January, but it’s actually PERFECT for March. Why? Because it’s about this time of year that the majority of us […]