Bucket List

You’re never going to believe what I did a few weeks ago.Against all my better judgment, including aversion to animal smells, indoor litter boxes, and concern for my highly-allergic friends, I brought this into my house:You should know this wasn’t the first time I’ve considered getting a … [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day to you! We know what it's like in the trenches of motherhood, and we wanted to give you a gift to honor all that you do. Please enjoy the following tribute to mothers, as well as this beautiful interview with Jenny and Matt Townsend from Thursday's radio show. This is what every … [Read more...]


I don't like failure. I especially hate paying the price. I hate looking back with regret, wondering what might have been. I don't think there's anything worse than being stuck in a circumstance that could have been different if only I had made a different choice. That is a heavy price to pay. Even … [Read more...]

Inspiring Quote

I'm having a pretty good day today. My body feels good. I love my family. I feel grateful and optimistic...like the world is a pretty great place, with lots of good in store for me.  I treasure moments like this. I like to study them, to notice what has created them. Among several things, the wisdom … [Read more...]

Ten Ways to Love Yourself

In the rush to send love to all of the people in your life this Valentine's Day, don't forget about the person who matters the most! Show yourself a little love this year with these ten tips:Stop Putting Yourself Down. If you criticize yourself, either out loud or in your head, STOP IT! You … [Read more...]

Do Prayers Really Work?

 I usually I give you tips, recipes and workouts. Occasionally you get perspective. Today you get inspiration, and it’s gift-wrapped in my belief about God. Sorry if that’s not your style. It’s just that after a certain sequence of events happened last winter, I haven’t been able to shake … [Read more...]

Thought for the day

Ha! I saw this and LOVED it. Sometimes we just need to take a deep breath and realize everything is going to be okay. Hoping you all have a WONDERFUL and HAPPY day!!! … [Read more...]

Count Your Blessings

-This morning I woke up and realized that my dishwasher wasn't working. Suddenly, I realized how much I depend on a working dishwasher.-Last week I noticed that my lip was getting a little sore. Within a few hours it had turned into a cold sore. (I hate those!) At that moment, I had a new … [Read more...]