Healthy 4th of July Recipes and Tips

If you are as busy as I am this summer, then it’s probably feeling pretty hard to stay organized with your health! It’s easy to just graze all night long at the barbeques. So I wanted to share some of my favorite tips and recipes for healthy BBQs – all summer and especially for the 4th of July. And you can trust these tips because if you know me, it has to be quick, easy and taste great.

Always offer to bring a relish plate

Regardless of what else I eat, I like to know there will be fresh veggies available. When I fill up first on this, I am more satisfied and less likely to crave the foods I always regret eating. And to make it easier for you, click HERE for my favorite dip recipe. It’s super quick and helps you love the veggies even more.

Stay hydrated

Hot summer days, especially the 4th of July, can leave you fighting cravings that are actually caused from dehydration. Drink a big glass of water before eating and notice your appetite stabilize and your energy increase!

Pick a favorite food to indulge in

Maybe you’re like me – I start becoming a head case when I restrict myself from all non-strategic foods. So after following the first two tips, make a conscious choice to eat something you will truly enjoy, and slow down and let yourself enjoy it! No guilt, no backlash. Just permission and enjoyment.

        (If you’re interested, HERE ARE FIVE REASONS YOU SHOULD EAT DESSERT!)

Want more healthy recipes? These are some of my favorite recipe posts, full of salads, chicken marinades, desserts, and more. Hope you have a fun, healthy, safe 4th of July! And be sure to comment below with some of your favorite health tips and recipes.

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