Organize Your Paper


Ready to Organize Your Paper? You won’t believe the difference this system can make! It will give your paper a home from the moment it enters the door until it’s time to throw it out.

Put the piles behind you for good so you are free to focus on what matters most!


Isn’t is amazing how much stress paper can generate?

Whether we’re trying to stay on top of it, hide it, or find that one elusive document, paper is an organizing challenge all on its own.

Unlike a Tupperware or junk drawer, paper creates a unique challenge because there are so many different things we need to DO with it.

  • Do I keep it?
  • Can I throw it away?
  • How do I remember to take action on it?
  • Where do I put it?
  • Can I stash it out of sight without forgetting about it?

As complicated as paper is, it’s no wonder it has been a struggle for so long! That’s why you need the strategy that Organize Your Paper can offer.