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Are you ready to get organized so you are free to do all the things you REALLY want to do?

You know there is more to life than just keeping your head above water, and yet…

The sink is overflowing with dishes.

You are distracted by All. The. Clutter.

Your to do list is a mile long – and growing by the minute.

You are trying to do it all, but you don’t feel like you are doing anything well.

You are so busy fighting fires that you can’t seem to get ahead.

As impossible as it all seems, here is some good news:​


Struggling to get and stay organized doesn’t mean that you are doing anything wrong.

Growing up, school teachers taught us to read. Coaches taught us to play sports. A piano teacher may have taught us how to play the piano. But notably missing was the organizing expert! 

You can’t be expected to know how to stay on top of everything, especially as your life progresses and you take on more and more responsibilities. Add to that the way our lives are overflowing with stuff, opportunities, and information – no wonder we’ve struggled to get organized! We’ve just needed the right teacher.


Being disorganized is not just “who you are.”

Organization is a skill, not a genetic trait. People who are organized have implemented step-by step systems that will work for anyone, in any circumstance. You can learn and implement techniques to help you get better and better at organization – step by step, no matter your starting point.


Implementing systems and routines is a tiny investment that pays massive dividends.

Did you know: 

  • Getting rid of clutter would eliminate 40 % of the housework in the average home. (National Soap & Detergent Association)
  • The average American wastes 55 minutes a day (roughly 12 days a year) looking for things they own but can’t find. (Newsweek)
  • Americans spend $1.2 trillion annually on nonessential goods—in other words, items they do not need. (The Wall Street Journal)
  • It costs an average of $10 per square foot to store items in your house. (Homes Contributor)

You don’t have the time, money and energy to NOT get organized!


Believe it or not, an organized life is not restrictive.

If you want to talk about what’s restricting, let’s talk about wasting time looking for things. Paying late fees. Missing deadlines and appointments. Never getting ahead, but always playing catch up as you fight fire after fire.

Conversely, getting organized is freeing. You can find what you need. You can take advantage of opportunities while they are still available. You can implement simple routines that open up time and space for what you really want in life.

So if all of this is true, why do so many people struggle to get organized?

Remember, we’ve never had anywhere to go to learn how.

  • There’s no school that teaches it.
  • No support group to cheer you on when you’ve succeeded – or to rally around you when you’re down.
  • No community to keep you motivated.

It’s just you, all alone behind closed doors in the clutter of your own home, trying to figure it out without any guidance or support.

There are plenty of places to belong that support our other challenges:

– Gym memberships to help us stay fit,
– PTA memberships to keep us involved in our schools,
– Professional memberships to move forward in our careers,
– Church memberships to support our spirituality,
– Even Netflix memberships for our entertainment,
– Coscto memberships for our groceries,
– And Amazon Prime memberships for everything else.

Clearly, memberships keep us committed, supported, and progressing in other areas of our lives…

So why aren’t there any memberships to help us get organized?

Why no memberships for such a critical skill that affects so many aspects of our lives – our homes, our families, our work and other commitments, and our own confidence and self care?

Well, I’ve been asking myself that question for a long time.

I am a professional organizer, productivity expert, and life coach. I specialize in helping women organize their homes, their time, and their lives so they are free to focus on what matters most.

I’ve watched the way memberships have popped up everywhere – in shopping, entertainment, professions and community.

I know they work.

And I think it’s about time for a home organizing and personal development membership.

So I have created the Life Organized Membership – a place where you can get guidance, accountability, and support.

Because if there has ever been a membership worth joining, it’s one that can keep our home and lives running smoothly. 

The Life Organized Membership is designed using my signature method, The Happy Gal Way.

The Happy Gal Way is how I manage my own home in under 4 hours a week.  

This leaves me plenty of time to invest in my family, spend time playing pickleball and being active outdoors, nurture close friendships, and run this amazing business that brings me so much joy and fulfillment.

The Happy Gal Way works for my coaching clients, and I know it will work for you too!

It’s not enough to know what to do. You have to know how to do it. That means you need the expertise of a professional organizer, the strategies of a productivity guru, and the mindset of a life coach to help you know how to work WITH your brain – instead of against it.

When you organize
The Happy Gal Way, you can:

Getting organized on your own isn’t easy. If it was, you would have already figured it out.

You CAN get organized…but just like your gym membership keeps you motivated, or your professional membership keeps you connected, or your Netflix membership keeps you entertained…

The Life Organized Membership can keep you committed to this part of your life that has limited you for so long.

The Life Organized Membership will teach you how to:

  • Organize your paper
  • Organize your closets, cupboards, pantry, and more
  • Eliminate clutter
  • Create systems, routines, and habits for household management, such as laundry, menu planning, and cleaning.
  • Manage your to do list
  • Get projects done
  • Organize your family
  • Organize yourself – your health, your goals, your mind and your emotions
  • Organize your summer, your vacations, your holidays, and so much more

Memberships keep us in the game. Memberships give us a place we belong. Memberships give us access to expertise that makes all the difference.

The Life Organized Membership is what your home – your family – and YOU – have been searching for.

The Life Organized Membership includes:

Monthly Group Coaching
and Q&A Call

(value $49/mo)

It’s one thing to learn how to do something – but quite another to implement it. Come to the call with all your toughest questions, and we will find the tiny shifts you need to make so the Life Organized systems work for you.

Can’t make it to the live call? No problem. All calls are recorded and shared, so you can listen again and again.

New Online Training each month

(value $79/mo)

Short, sweet, and incredibly strategic, these training videos will cut right to the heart of your clutter. They are tried-and-true methods for real people, in the real world, with real families and real homes. You’ll know exactly what to do, and how to do it.

The trainings are designed to work with as little – or as much – time as you have to give to this program. You determine your involvement. Whatever you can give will be exactly what you need. 

PLUS you can create your own experience! It’s your choice to focus on the monthly content with the group or back up and repeat any previous monthly topics. Continued access to all topics allows you to customize your training.

Life Organized
Private Facebook Community

(value $49/mo)

This is where the real magic happens!

When you surround yourself with like-minded people who are committed to change – just like you – you’ll find even more answers to your questions, support for your struggles, excitement for your wins, and friends didn’t know you were missing. 

Monthly Action Challenges
(value $49/mo)

Ready to get your game on? Time for a little friendly competition – if you choose. How many straight days can you bust clutter? Tackle Home Base? Stay committed to your morning routine?

This is where progress meets fun (and PRIZES! 😊)

Opportunities for Accountability Groups and Partnerships
(value $99)

Where else will you find like-minded people, implementing the same techniques, who can keep you committed when you are tempted to quit?

With coaching and guidance on how to set up accountability groups and find partners, get ready for accountability to take you to the next level.

Will you text? Facetime? Marco Polo? Design this experience to work for you.

Access to the growing library of The Happy Gal programs
(value $199)

As a member of Life Organized, anything I create is yours. All programs will be loaded into the members vault, so you can access any organizing training I offer at any time.

Does the monthly focus not meet your current needs? No problem. Feel free to peruse any of the trainings and start with what works for you.

How to Succeed with Life Organized Membership
(value $49)

This bonus will help you pinpoint exactly what YOU need to do to find time for the trainings and implement the action steps that will bring you results.

I know you are busy…and the last thing I want to do is clutter your life up with a membership you don’t have time for. But with a few targeted strategies, we can help you fit this program into your life. 




Or $189 for ONE FULL YEAR

(Only $15.75/mo when you pay annually…save 60%!)

What Happy Clients Say

Life Organized will teach you how to:

Jenny Layton (8)

“Being a stay-at-home mom with 3 little kids can be overwhelming, but Life Organized has taught me how I can be organized so I can be more at peace. I am learning how to implement routines and understanding how to manage my time!”

– Natalie B.

Jenny Layton (8)

Life Organized helps you to really find your path through life – both the clutter and responsibilities around you – and your steps towards being who you really want to be. I feel I have learned things that allow me to be meaningful in how I spend my time, and not just let life happen to me. Thanks, Jenny!”

– Jenna A.

Jenny Layton (8)

“The Q&A this month was GOLD. I was in tears at the end. I’m so grateful for this program. These methods are going to take me another few months to really get a handle on in a more “permanent” way, but the way I’m starting to see and understand my patterns is such a GIFT. So, so happy I invested in this. THANK YOU, JENNY!”

– Marika W.

Jenny Layton (8)

On a scale of 1-10, Life Organized is a 10 AND MORE! Seriously, the coaching and insights given by Jenny make this more valuable than even the routines! Jenny is a caring, competent, and thorough coach and organizer. Her authentic ability to connect with others is a bonus to her amazing ability to break things down enough to make them seem simple.”

– S.E.O.

When you join the Life Organized Membership,
you'll receive:

PLUS these amazing bonuses:

Get all of this for our special introductory pricing:

Or $189 for ONE FULL YEAR

(Only $15.75/mo when you pay annually…save 60%!)

It’s time to live a life you love.

Frequently Asked Questions

The good news is that Life Organized will take you as much or as little time as you’d like! We like to compare the Life Organized membership to a gym membership. Some people go to the gym a few times a week – and others are there every day. Some spend some quiet time on the treadmill, while others thrive in group classes or with a trainer. So the bottom line is that you get to pick your experience. The training videos are short and action-oriented, so you can easily implement a few steps…or you can dive in with accountability groups and really create a lot of organizing momentum. It is always your choice to expand or contract the amount of time you spend in this program.

That’s why you’re here! This program is designed for busy women who need to get more control over their lives. Yes, implementing a system can feel like added work; but soon you’ll sit back and watch the systems do the work for you so you have more free time to do the things that matter most. You’ll wonder why it seemed so difficult to stay on top of everything before.

Definitely not. The Life Organized strategies are designed to be customized to your individual circumstances. The life and mindset coaching keeps routines and systems flexible, while ensuring that anything that is implemented is both efficient and relevant to your life.

No problem. We are just so glad that you’ve given it a try, and know that whatever you learn, you’ll use for life. But if circumstances change and you need to focus on other priorities, just let us know at least 10 days before your renewal date.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Do I know, deep down, that getting more organized will make a big difference in my life?
  • Did I used to be organized, before I had kids (or started working full time, or retired, or got sick, or divorced, etc.) but never could figure it out after that?
  • Have I tried before, but nothing has really worked for long?
  • Do I have things I really want to do, but I just can’t seem to find the time or energy?
  • Do I want to uplevel my career, but everyday life just seems to get in the way?

These are pretty good indicators that you and Life Organized are a perfect fit 🙂 

Just remember that the big difference is The Happy Gal Way. This isn’t a one-dimensional approach because you aren’t one-dimensional. Listen, I know what it’s like in the trenches. It isn’t as easy as the textbook answers make it sound. Life Organized training is designed to work WITH your brain, instead of against it, because I designed this program as a mindset coach. Also – these are realistic strategies that you can implement with the time you have because we are experts at time management. And finally, as a professional organizer I know all the tricks and tips to eliminate clutter and create order.

We’ve wrapped up this approach in a program that is designed to train you conveniently by video, support you at whatever level you need through accountability, and coach you with ever-increasing opportunities to help you make this program work for you.

If you are ready to change, you’ve found your program.

The Life Organized membership currently offers a monthly coaching call where I will personally answer all your toughest questions. In addition, the Life Organized Facebook group is a gold mine of support where you can ask questions, share success, and create accountability with other members. And if you know you’re ready for me, there is good news. Coming soon will be additional opportunities to coach with me personally!

“Being a part of Life Organized confirms that I can do this! And do it well. I feel so successful at getting organized and can’t wait to see what I’ll learn next!”

– Jenna A.

“Jenny is incredible. This program is amazing, and everyone needs it!”

– Nisha R.

“Jenny provides a perfect combination of organizing advice and life coaching to help you get to the root of why you have trouble getting organized and how to make it work in the long term.”

– Jill G.

When you join the Life Organized Membership, you'll receive:

PLUS these amazing bonuses:

Get all of this for our special introductory pricing:

Or $189 for ONE FULL YEAR

(Only $15.75/mo when you pay annually…save 60%!)

It’s time to live a life you love.

You don’t have to stay trapped in the clutter.​

The Life Organized Membership can free you from the stress and chaos.

You can wake up each morning with the confidence that you’ve got this.

There is so much for you to look forward to each day.

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