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Fast, Easy, Healthy Dinners

If you’re anything like me in a busy spring season, one important routine begins to slip through the cracks immediately: dinner. When I’m on the go starting at 3:30 in the afternoon there just isn’t time to make it, let alone sit down with my family to eat it. Often, people have to eat at different times as they run out the door to different


Organize Your Thinking – The Result

As I mentioned in my last blog post here, my neck is causing me some strife. I shared some of the details from the last 6 months, and my current perspective. If nothing else, this neck experience has been an opportunity to learn how to own that space between stimulus and response. Responding with faith and optimism can sometimes feel as impossible as reversing the


Organize Your Thinking

Organize Your Thinking – The Opportunity I have a little problem right now. It started last fall and it isn’t getting any better. At least not yet. I first noticed it when I was driving. I tried to look over my right shoulder and couldn’t rotate my neck all the way. Thinking it would work itself out, I didn’t worry about it. But a few


Mentoring a Refugee Family

Refugees are in need of help all around the country, and you can do your part right here in Utah. Jenny Layton shares her experience being a mentor for a refugee family, and how you can get involved too. If you would like to mentor a refugee family, visit www.ccsutah.org.


11 Happy Gal Ideas for Family Service

A few weeks ago on Studio 5 I shared our family’s experience of mentoring a refugee family from Somalia. Check it out…Studio 5 Segment   Filming that segment got me thinking…an important part of organizing my life has been organizing my family. And one of the greatest ways we have organized our family is with a focus on regular family service. As I mentioned in


Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for the Kids

Even I will admit it – of all the holiday candy, Easter steals the show. There is just something about all of those candies in pastel colors, shaped like eggs and filled with caramel, peanut butter and marshmallow. Pretty hard to resist. I don’t mind sprinkling the basket with a few of my kids’ favorite candies; but how about a few of these inexpensive items

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