Ep. 8 - When Done Is Better Than Perfect

I bet you can finish this sentence:

“If you can’t do something right…”

“Don’t do it at all.”

Mmm….I strongly disagree. This is one of the most toxic mindsets I see. 

Perfectionism likes to parade around as something inspirational and helpful, but if you look behind the curtains it’s all about fear — fear that you might not do it right, fear that it might not look just right, and fear that you just don’t have what it takes. 

Perfectionism is just fear in really good shoes.

Have you ever stopped to consider how much of your time and energy you spend trying to get something from good enough to perfect — when it probably doesn’t make that much difference in the long run? 

What if we adopted this attitude instead? 

“Done is Better than perfect.”

‘Done’ is better because ‘done’ means you get to move on and have joy in life instead of obsessing over details that won’t matter as time passes.

Learn how Done Is Better Than Perfect can help you get organized, be more productive, improve personal goals, and better connect with your family.

In this episode:

  • “Perfectionism is just fear in really good shoes.”
    Perfectionism is a GPS system from the twilight zone
  • Done is Better than Perfect (DBP)
  • Done is Fun
  • How you can implement Done is Better than Perfect when organizing your home, menu planning, working on a routine, health goals, and parenting.


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