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When it comes to organizing, letting go of clutter can be challenging. But when the said “clutter” is your child’s artwork or a birthday card from your grandma, it takes this challenge to a whole new level. Some people save everything, some let it all go – and regardless of where we fall in that spectrum, there is always the question of how to organize it.

One word can help you navigate through the sentimental keepsakes and clutter: ICE

1. Inspect it. First things first, how do we make that initial decision to keep or toss? Have some personal rules about what you’ll hang on to, and make sure every item passes inspection. Like anything else, deciding ahead of time will prevent you from getting romanced in the moment. Maybe you only keep cards with pictures, or with personal, hand-written messages, or just one card per year from each family member. The value in this step is making deliberate decisions now that will help you avoid future clutter. One of my definitions of clutter is anything that takes more than it gives. When your memorabilia is taking up more space than the warm memories it is giving you, it can truly be considered clutter. Remember, “the fewer things you keep, the more special they are.”

2. Contain it…and respect the boundaries. Whether it’s for you or your child, everyone needs a place to put those important things. But when the container is full, know that it’s time to let some of it go. Don’t just go get another container! Time has a great way of reducing our attachment to things. The significance of things that seemed unthinkable to throw away during the holidays or on your anniversary might change as our perspectives change. So when the bin reaches capacity, watch and see how the keepers emerge, making it easy to identify those things you can let go.

Here are some of the containers I love:

15 – Quart Sterelite Tote


The best of the best from the kids’ art and school work goes in this tote. At the end of the school year, I select my favorites and store them in a 10 x 13 manila envelope, labeled with my labeler, of course 🙂 Each child has a bin with neatly stacked manila envelopes from each school year. I can’t wait to send that off with them when they leave home! Click HERE to order.



Under the Bed “Special Box”


Sometimes the kids want to hang on to things I would throw out, and this is our backup option – an under the bed “special box.” Prizes from school and birthday parties, 3D art and projects, and lots of other stuff that my kids treasure go into this box. But…you know the drill. When it fills up, it’s time to sift through and see what really deserves to be kept. Click HERE to order.


3. Enjoy it. Barbara Hemphill, the organizing guru, has said “If you don’t know you have it, or you can’t find it, it is of no value to you!” Those boxes of memorabilia aren’t doing  you much good sitting in the basement. There are so many fun ways you can organize your memorabilia. Some are practical and some are creative, but the important thing to remember is that there is no right way. Here are some examples:

Put Work in a Binder

A little more effort than my manila envelope system, loading memorabilia into binders makes it easier for kids to get more hands-on with their memories. Image courtesy of HowToBuildIt.org





Christmas Card Book

This is brilliant! In less than 10 minutes you can have your Christmas cards hole punched and bound with a simple loose-leaf ring from an office supply store. Talk about easy, quick and inexpensive! I especially love this for the photo card Christmas cards. And what a great thing to have in your car or diaper bag for the little ones to look through. Thanks to HoneyBearLane.com for teaching us how to make it look pretty!





Display Children’s Artwork

This is a hot trend right now. Utilize Ikea’s Curtain Wire to display art work and photos. Great idea for hallways, toy rooms and kids’ bedrooms. Click HERE to order.




Digitize it

I’ve saved the best for last. I am in love with Keepyme – an online photo and artwork gallery that is a cinch to use! Snap pics of the kids artwork, certificates, or awards using your phone, load them into the Keepyme app, and your kids (and anyone else you invite) can view their work – plus leave comments. And it gets even better – these galleries can be printed, so your child can have his or her very own book of artwork. I am still trying to get over how brilliant – and easy – this is!



The next time you are holding your child’s artwork, school work, or contemplating what to do with all of your birthday cards, ICE will make it simple!

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