Frozen Yogurt Covered Raspberries


Frozen Yogurt Covered Raspberries

Almost too good to be a perfect snack! (See the post Skinny on Carbs)

Fresh raspberries

Vanilla flavored Greek yogurt

Wash raspberries and let them dry completely. Place a sheet of wax paper on a cutting board that will fit in your freezer. Taking a toothpick, dip raspberries in yogurt. Place on wax paper, and transport to freezer using cutting board to help with the transfer. Freeze completely. Enjoy!

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Image by Sandrine Hudgens at Creole Art Photography



  1. Kim Lundstrom says

    This looks great but I need to come up with a more kid friendly name for my daycare kids. They judge food first by the name. Maybe I shouldn’t give food names and when they ask I’ll just say, wait and see.

    • jenny says

      It’s all a mind game with the kids, isn’t it? It’s funny how sometimes you have to trick them into trying healthy food! Let me know what you decide to name them.

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