The Best of Summer Survival Guide for Moms

I bet you’re just like me…excited for a carefree summer, but a little worried about the inevitable chaos. In order to create a carefree summer of fun, I created a complete listing of tips that I called Summer Survival Guide for Moms with a variety of ideas to help us get through this next season […]

5D Mind Dump for Busy Moms

You’re going to want to bookmark this page for those days when you feel so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start. We all have a lot on our plates, and if you’re like me, it’s easy to start getting reactive. It’s all about putting out the hottest fire, and by the end of the […]

Healthy Snacks That Your Kids Will Actually Eat!

I don’t know about you, but I run out of snacking ideas for the kids about six hours into summer vacation. We all know the “Good Mom” drill: offer them apple slices, carrot sticks and string cheese…but my good intentions are met with moans and groans, and it’s not long before I find myself buckling […]

Enjoy Today, Mama

[pinit count=”horizontal” url=”” image_url=”” description=”Hug those little ones a little tighter! It will all be over before we know it.”] After all of my happy anticipation for a quiet, clean house and the return of structure and routine into my life, I found myself a little melancholy after the kids left for school today. Anyone […]

Organize Kids’ School Papers

[pinit count=”horizontal” url=”” image_url=”” description=”5 tips that will make storing school work and memorabilia less challenging. #organizing #schoolpapers #organizingpaper”]Yesterday when I walked into Walmart, the Back-To-School aisle caught me off-guard. Sudden memories of backpacks stuffed full of paper came to mind. Anyone else find themselves on paper overload once school starts again? Because it […]

Fun Campfire Games for Kids

[pinit count=”horizontal” url=”” image_url=”” description=”Fun Campfire Games for Kids #campinggamesforkids #campfire #Kids #Games”]

You Are a Good Mother

[pinit count=”horizontal” url=””image_url=”” description=”Hope and encouragement for all of those times you tell yourself you’re not good enough. You are! You are a good mother! #thehappygal #mothersday #goodmom”] Ladies, I’m about to own up to some of my deepest, darkest secrets about being a mother. Over the years, it is true that I have found […]

How to Find Me Time This Summer

[pinit count=”horizontal” url=”” image_url=”” description=”A busy mom’s summer survival guide. Remember these 5 tips to care for yourself this summer. #thehappygal #motherhood #summertime #metime”] When I ask women why they don’t consistently take care of themselves (specifically with good nutrition, exercise, sleep, and pursuing things that they enjoy) there are three main reasons: Not enough […]

Unselfish Women Put Themselves First

[pinit count=”horizontal” url=”” imgae_url=”” description=”Do you feel like you are being selfish when you put yourself first? Discover 5 reasons why it’s important to put yourself first. #thehappygal #motherhood #woman #selfworth”]I’m going to give you the shortlist. But first you get my two cents on the matter. Let me ask you a question. Is it […]

Summer Survival Guide for Moms

Okay, you moms out there. Are any of you putting on a happy face about summer…while secretly feeling a little anxious about how you’re going to survive three months of non-stop fun?  When it’s all play and no work, mom is the one who gets the short end of the stick. Sooner or later, the […]