Ep. 58 - When You Want Good Habits

Why do habits matter?

As James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, puts it “Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement.” 

By building good habits, we’re making small, consistent investments that compound over time into massive positive change in our lives. That’s because our brains like the path of least resistance, and habits definitely allow us to operate on autopilot. 

But creating good habits? That’s a job that calls for a Happy Gal tool. We’ll use the acronym “PATH” as a step-by-step guide. 

  • P – Pick a specific task. Don’t just say “I want to exercise more.” Drill it down: A 30-minute walk at 7am, a yoga video 3x/week, etc. Clarity is key.
  • A – Assign the steps. Map out exactly what completing your habit will look like. What do you need to do or grab beforehand?
  • T – Time it right. When does this habit fit best with your schedule and energy levels? Timing is everything.
  • H – Use a habit hook. Piggyback the new habit onto an existing one. If you already brush your teeth at night, add flossing right after.

By programming your brain this way, you’re removing all the guesswork and willpower required. 

The habit path is paved for you to just follow it consistently until it becomes automatic.

So What? How does this episode make a difference?

Ask yourself: What habit do you want to install in your life? Write it down, then use the PATH acronym to map it out. This is how we turn our lives into well-oiled machines where dreams become reality through the power of habits.


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