Ep. 55 - 5 Quick and Easy Organizing Wins

Sometimes getting organized just feels too complicated!

We think we need routines and systems to do it right, and while I’m all about getting strategic…sometimes we just need an easy win.

In today’s episode I share 5 fast and easy ways to get organized. In just 10 minutes you can get a big win, and you can use that momentum to do even more great things in your day. So set a timer, and jump in to one of these tasks that you’d love to accomplish.

  1. Get rid of a pile that is bothering you. Mentally scan your house and pick a pile. It could be mail building up on the counter, it could be something at the side of your bed, or maybe some unfolded laundry. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been there or how long you think it might take you. Just take ten minutes and dig in and see how far you can get!
  2. Clean out a drawer. Drawers are generally pretty simple, and it just feels great to empty out the clutter and put things in order, so pick a drawer somewhere in your house that has been getting a little out of control. Don’t worry about containers or anything fancy – just declutter it (kind of like clutter busters, which if you don’t know about, check out the link below.) And if you really want a boost, do one of your own personal drawers, like your bathroom drawer or your sock drawer – something that benefits YOU. Organizing a personal space magically gives you even more energy to organize other things.
  3. Process some returns. For many of my clients and students, there is a mental block against processing online returns. But wow, that light and accomplished feeling after you’re done makes it worth it! Getting those returns taken care of will simultaneously clear the clutter in your home AND put more money in your bank account. That’s a win/win and such a great task to focus on. So if you have a pile of returns waiting around, this is a great win for you today.
  4. Clean out your inbox. If you’re like a lot of my clients and students, you avoid that inbox like the plague because it’s pretty backed up in there. That’s ok. I’m not suggesting you get on top of all of it right now. Again, get out that timer and just take ten minutes and see what you can do. Even 10 minutes of archiving old emails, deleting the junk, and taking action on a few things can make you feel amazing. That intangible, virtual clutter can be surprisingly heavy and oppressive, and I’ve found that processing email can make my clients and students feel incredibly light. So this is a great choice if you’d like to feel a win.
  5. And I haven’t said it yet, but if you’ve listened to me for a while you had to know it was coming… clean up Home base!!! We talk all about home base in episode 2 (see link below.) But if you’re new here or even just want a refresher, home base is that predictable clutter in the cockpit of your home where you spend most of your time. Usually it’s the kitchen/family room area, but the way you can identify it for sure is to ask yourself what space, when it’s messy, makes you feel most overwhelmed and out of control…but when it’s cleaned up you feel like you can think straight? THAT’S home base, and it’s the top priority when it comes to cleaning and organizing your home. You want an instant lift? Home Base will give it to you every time.

Though these tips aren’t rocket science, they do give you an instant lift.

But that’s not all you get in this episode.

Notice how, when you think about accomplishing one of these tasks, and you visualize it, and you maybe even anticipate how it will feel, you automatically feel more inclined to do it.

This is a coaching secret that can help you accomplish ANYTHING you want to get done.

When we talk about it, visualize it, think of it, and imagine how it will feel, we are priming the pump mentally and our brain naturally is more cooperative when we have something productive we want to do. Try this with exercise, menu planning, or any other task that you are inclined to procrastinate. It really works!

So what?

  1. Pick a task to do. Any of the 5 I mentioned or if you have another one that feels more urgent. Visualize it. Think about it. Then do it.
  2. Notice how good you feel. Notice the connection between external clutter and internal clutter. Notice the momentum you just created. And leverage it to accomplish even more in your day!


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