Ep. 52 - When You Want Your Kids To Be Organized, Part 2

Ok, episode 51 was all about importance of an organized culture in your family.

And now that that’s out of the way, in this episode let’s talk about some kid-friendly Happy Gal tools you can start teaching your kids now.

  1. Home Base. Just as the Home Base tool helps you manage that place in your home which, when left undone, makes you crazy – but when cleaned and organized it helps you feel light and free – your kids can benefit from this tool as well. Help them identify their own personal home base – and it could be their bedroom, their closet, or even their school backpack. Once they know that keeping this space clean is a magic bullet that can help them feel better, they will be able to turn to Home Base any time they need a reset. They might even start keeping it up regularly before it turns into a crisis!

  2. Catch It As You Think Of It  A flashback to episode 10, this isn’t just a tool for parents. All human brains have seconds to take action on a thought before your brain finds something else interesting, so teach your kids to catch it as they think of it by writing it down. For older kids this may mean texting you or even themselves so the idea doesn’t get lost. Younger kids might need to have a notebook in their desk or backpack, or even make notes on school work that is coming home later. But instilling this habit early in life will ensure that important tests, due dates, invitations, and requests are easy wins that build confidence in your kids.

  3. Routines  Help your kids see the value in routines, instead of leaving it to chance. As you review episode 2 and learn how to create a routine, teach your kids to create their own routines. Not only will they learn a valuable skill, they will be more likely to take ownership and be consistent. They, too, will learn the magic of a life running like a well-oiled machine!


In this episode:

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