5 Reasons Why You Should Throw Out the Scale


If you find that a little fluctuation in your weight has the potential to make or break your day,      

then this post is for you.

We know we shouldn’t do it. We know that number on the scale doesn’t really matter, but we find ourselves going back to weighing ourselves the way we go back to a bad boyfriend. Why are we so fixated with this daily ritual? Because somehow we have conditioned ourselves to believe that there is a magical number that means we are healthy and beautiful.

If you are ready to feel good about yourself every day – regardless of what the scale is telling you – then there is only one thing to be done. Toss the scale! And if you still need another nudge, consider these five reasons why you should throw it out:

  1. The scale isn’t an accurate measurement of health. From a 5-7 pound fluctuation in water weight to the different circumstances that lead to food and activity choices each day, your weight naturally varies from day to day. If you are wanting to see a difference in your body, the scale is an unreliable way to mark any health progress.
  2. Your weight doesn’t reflect how you look.  Losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to be satisfied with how you look. In reality, a quick 5-10 pound loss often reflects water loss, and won’t yield the long-term results you are looking for anyway. In my post “How to Tone Up and Lose Weight for Good,” I talk about how building muscle is the key to seeing and feeling results. And since muscle weighs more than fat, obsessing over your weight will just keep you dependent on extreme methods which, while giving you quick results on the scale, won’t yield the results that you are hoping to see in your body.
  3. The scale keeps you fixated on food. Frequent weighing breeds an obsession with food and calories. That is no way to live. Trust me! (Read my story here.)  If you are committed to creating better health, use other ways to track your progress. Take note of how your clothes are feeling, any increase in your energy level, or an overall happier attitude in life. Focusing on what you weigh can blind you to more accurate predictors of progress.
  4. Your “goal weight” will never give you the confidence you are seeking. It’s true. You want to feel better about yourself and your life? Continue implementing healthy practices in your life, but also open your eyes up to what you are asking your body to do (You can read more about this here.) Even if you achieved “the perfect body,” any happiness that body could bring can never be a substitute for the more important things in life. How do I know? Because I know a lot of miserable thin people. The bottom line: happiness and confidence come from stretching yourself, establishing priorities, and taking the time to enjoy the little things.  So in addition to striving to be healthier, invest in something that has the power to bring you real and lasting happiness.
  5. You should never let this piece of plastic determine the kind of day you are going to have. You are so much more than what this piece of plastic can measure!  Claim the benefits of a good day, independent of what you weigh. You don’t need the scale’s permission!


In Happy Gal Living, I teach women that they have the power to create their own happiness…independent of anything as trivial as a number on the scale. Click here to learn more about Happy Gal Living.
You can do it, girl! Don’t let the scale dictate your life. Throw it out where it belongs!


  1. Holly Waterfall says

    Jenny, I am so in love with this post. As someone who used to weigh herself, not just every day, but about every hour, i KNOW how obsessive one can become with the scale. Obviously, mine was an extreme situation, but regardless, the scale has just got to go! I got rid of mine a couple years ago and am such a better person because of it. No more obsessing over the number. No more having it determine my mood. Thanks for writing this. More people need to hear things like this!

  2. Carly @ A Neat Nest says

    Oh, the scale… When I’m down a couple of pounds I’m so happy and when I’m up, I’m so depressed. This is really what I needed to see today. My greatest contribution to the world is not my appearance so I need to stop treating it like it’s that big of a big deal.

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