5 outdoor workouts

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Hit the high school stadium…one of my favorite outdoor workouts. This routine has it all: challenge, variety, and a bit of nostalgia from the high school days! Mix it up with a few laps around the track at varying speeds, run the bleachers to really get your heart rate going, then do a set of push-ups and lunges in between. Rinse and repeat!
The Park Workout. Pick a park with a track and some monkey bars, and you are in business. Do speed work on the track, pushing yourself to sprint in intervals, then alternate with doing the monkey bars or finding a bar for pull ups. Great overall body workout, and convenient to do with the kids.
Cycling. In my opinion, this is one exercise that is leagues above the indoor version. There is nothing like the speed and exhilaration of biking, wind in your hair, and landscape flying by.
Head to the mountains. Whether you walk, hike, or trail run, a change of scenery is good for the soul.
Go for a run. Nothing beats a good old-fashioned run with your favorite tunes.
I’d love to hear about your favorite outdoor workout now that the weather is getting warmer!
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  1. I run with my dog to the dog park and back when she needs to go out. I also, sometimes, do ‘box jumps’ on the 1/2 foot brick wall near the park. It’s fun to be exercising outside and keeps me motivated (can’t run home until I complete X # of jumps!)

    1. Love it Caitlin! That makes me want to get a dog. And I love that you are giving yourself a challenge before you can come home.

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