Ep. 17 - When You Have Too Much Stuff

Ready to learn about a quick organizing habit that is mindless and easy to implement – but powerful in preventing the buildup of clutter?

It’s a little tool called FIFO and stands for First In, First Out.

Today we’ll talk about how FIFO is your new mantra each time you bring something new into the house, because it leads you to automatically select something to get OUT of the house.

This mindset is an easy way to avoid accumulating too much stuff – and with a little tweak can even help you get ahead of a clutter problem without making it into a big project.

Learn how to easily implement FIFO, and even adapt it to help you clear the clutter from your time and schedule.

FIFO is one of those powerful organizing habits we love because it requires very little effort while giving you great results. I hope you feel an instant connection with this tool and adopt it indefinitely!

Tools Mentioned:

  • FIFO – First In, First Out


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