Ep. 24 - When Swimsuit Season Is Around The Corner

Remember in the summer as a kid you couldn’t wait to start wearing shorts? Or go swimming for the first time?

If you are like 60-70% of the adult women in recent studies, you aren’t feeling so excited about showing all that skin anymore.

I’m not a health coach and I’m certainly not implying you should have to DO anything to get ready for summer…

…but living an organized life means you are committed to getting rid of clutter, and that might include negative feelings about yourself and your body.

With 3 months of runway between now and summer, there is plenty of time to make some subtle shifts in your self-care. And don’t worry, while there are some great changes we can make with food and exercise, that is not the focus of this episode. Get ready for something a little less emotionally charged – and a lot more fun.

Ready to make this your best summer ever?

Let’s start with decluttering all the things that will try to hold you back.

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