Ep. 22 - When You Need To Stick With It

Remember 6 weeks ago? The first of January? When you had all those goals you were excited about?

If you’re like 91% of people out there, research predicts that you have given up on those goals by now.

Making changes means your brain has to get uncomfortable…so it will do almost anything to convince you that you don’t really want that thing you thought you wanted.

So we need to outthink our brain.

This week on the Life Organized Podcast I share a tool that I discovered in desperation years ago when trying to get my kids to stick to piano.

It worked for them then, and I’ve been shocked to see how it is still working for my clients today.

It’s another one of my mantras, and one that you’ll easily remember because it’s with you every where you go.

Ready to check out Episode 22 so you can stick with it – whatever “it” is?

Sometimes all our brain needs is a little refocusing to get it back in the game.

Be sure to grab the free download below for an easy reminder of this tool.


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