Ep. 13 - When You Want A Smooth Christmas Day

We work for weeks to create this special holiday for our families, hoping that with all the planning and shopping and wrapping and cooking and decorating we can enjoy a truly memorable day.

But more often than not, we spend the day putting together toys, cleaning up all the wrapping paper and packaging, cooking those favorite Christmas foods in the kitchen, managing to the unexpected…

…Or else we relax all day, but face a mountain of overwhelming Christmas clutter the next day.

How about a few tips to help minimize the stress on the big day – and the days following – so Christmas can be as magical for you as it is for the kids?

This year can be YOUR YEAR to love Christmas Day. No more stress and work while everyone else gets to sit back and enjoy.

Of course, because so much relies on us, that will take some planning ahead. So grab a pen and take some notes, because with a little bit of organization, you can always create an outcome you love!

In this episode:

  • Mentally create the kind of Christmas Day you’d like to have
  • Prep gifts before wrapping them
  • Assemble a Christmas morning kit
  • Provide everyone with containers for unwrapped gifts
  • Clean up wrapping as you go
  • Think ahead for photos
  • Choose a Christmas morning playlist
  • Precook Christmas meals


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