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Organizing Strategies to Save Stress with Spring Cleaning Tips

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We shouldn’t be surprised.

That first warm day in the spring, when we reach for the shorts and flip flops…

That first soccer game, when we need camping chairs – pronto – as we’re running out the door…

The first swim of the season – and the goggles, swim suit and sunscreen haven’t been seen in months…

We know it’s coming.

And it still catches us off guard.

The seasons change, and winter and summer gear collide. We can’t find stuff, we don’t know where to put it, and we live in chaos until the cold weather is gone for good and we can finally put the winter coats away.

But THESE FOUR STEPS for your spring cleaning can help you slip seamlessly into the next season.

Step 1: Schedule a clothing appointment

This might be my favorite part of a new season – spring or fall. Isn’t it great to weed out the shabby stuff and get some fun new things to wear? It just takes setting aside some time to go through your closet (and your kids’) to transition to the next season. CLICK HERE to access all of my hottest tips!

Step 2: Transition the Coat Closet

spring cleaning over the door storageMaybe you have a coat closet, maybe it’s individual lockers, or perhaps it’s simple a coat hook. The challenge is always the same: how do you live in the April/September seasonal overlap, when all the seasons collide in the same month? Read on, my friends. I’ve got you covered.

  • Utilize the bedroom closet. Often we don’t need the heavy winter stuff in early spring. Rather than pack them away in the basement (and then dig them back out for the weekend snowstorm) simply demote them from the prime real estate. As always, I coach my clients to designate the most accessible storage areas for the things most commonly used. Winter clothing often must fade into the background gradually. So tolerate them in the bedroom closet for a month until you can safely store them in the attic or basement for the summer. (Vice versa for the summer clothing in September.)
  • No extra bedroom closet space? How about designating a big bin in the garage for the heavy winter gear? Still accessible but not in the way.
  • Try an over-the-door storage solution.
    I love this option for storing lots of little things – gloves, hats, scarves, sun screen, goggles, flip flops…You can span the seasons. I particularly love the oversized pockets in this organizer, allowing for a larger variety of storage. CLICK HERE to order.

Step 3: Prepare the Garage

When it comes to the garage, I often delegate to my husband. Whether it’s just you or some recruited family help, it’s time to rotate some gear. These tips will get you started:

  • Swap the snow blower for the lawn mower. Prime real estate, baby. Gotta utilize the most convenient spots for the tools you use most. Move the snow blower to the shed or to the back of the garage, making room for the tools you’ll need all summer long.
  • Trade in the skis for the tennis rackets. garage sled spring cleaning And soccer balls. And whatever else you do in the summer. This is the time when the snow gear goes up high, and easy-to-reach shelves host your favorite summer necessities. I love THESE RACKS from Marine Products. They store skis, snowboards and sleds in the winter, and wake boards in the summer. A great way to make seasonal gear accessible.
  • Restore order. No one likes to work outside in the cold. The garage takes some abuse in the winter, and this is a great time to hang the tools back up and sweep it out. It’s amazing how great it can feel to walk into a clean garage!
  • Prepare summer equipment. Does the lawn more need a tune up? Does the BBQ need to be cleaned? Do the bike tires need repair? Do it now, girl! (Or delegate the task.) When the time is right, you’ll want these things working!

Step 4: Stock the Car

There are just some basics that we need in the car each summer. Here are some tips to help you have what you need when you’re on the go.

  • Make a list. Think through your typical summer adventures and remember what you wish you’d had with you in the car. A picnic blanket? Insect repellent? Drinking water? A box of bandaids? Just brainstorm a beginning list and add to it as you think of things. Then buy a great container to store it in and keep it in the car all summer.
  • CLICK HERE for my Summer Essentials Car list. Not too much, not too little – just the right amount of stuff in the car to keep things easy and convenient this summer. Looking for a cool way to store these items? ? CLICK HERE to check out one of my latest posts.
  • Car maintenance. This is a great time to ensure the car is ready for summer road trips. Oil changed recently? Tires rotated? Go the extra mile and wash the car inside and out. Expand your spring cleaning to include the car. You spend a lot of time in there. You might as well love it!

Although seasonal changes can bring along chaos, by following these steps for your spring cleaning, you will create greater flow and enjoyment moving from one season to the next.

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