Organize Your Pantry

Anyone feel like their pantry could use a little love? This is one of those spots that can fall apart fast – especially during a busy summer. With lots of people using it and huge fluctuations in food volume, this one of the trickiest places in your home to keep organized. Here are some tips to help you to get – and stay – organized in the pantry.

1. Don’t try to do a fast job.

Sometimes it is tempting to keep most of the pantry intact and just tidy up the places that feel out of control. But this isn’t going to solve the deeper problems that are causing disorganization.

To really address the problems, empty it out…all of it! Sort into piles and then decide what to keep and what to toss.

This can get a little overwhelming, as the shelves empty and food towers higher and higher on the countertop. Check out my Get Organized training for some additional important tips and tools to help you manage this process.

2. Be flexible about where things go

Just because you’ve always kept it in the pantry doesn’t mean that’s the best place for it. Consider this example from a pantry I recently worked on. You can see from the picture that this pantry was much too small for the amount of food in it.

When we had completely emptied it and began to plan where things should go, some immediate relocation was necessary. We found a drawer for foil, plastic, sandwich bags, and a cabinet for paper products. Small baking supplies, such as baking soda, cocoa, and chocolate chips were also moved to a smaller cabinet.

By moving some of these smaller items into smaller spaces, we were able to utilize the large pantry space more appropriately for larger containers of food.

3. Your pantry is prime real estate

Just as actual real estate is highly valuable due to location, your pantry is convenient and centrally located, and therefore a pretty hot piece of property.

The key to a well-organized pantry is to only keep things in there that you use often. In this particular pantry, there were numerous bulk purchases of foods that were not being consumed quickly. The solution for this pantry was to keep large quantities off site – in a downstairs storage room, treated as a little “grocery store” inside their home.

When running low on commonly used foods, refill the pantry supply from the stash in a storage room rather than occupy valuable space for large quantities of the same item. And if you rarely use the item and you are extremely space-challenged, consider using storage space as a food storage area so you can keep those items away from the pantry’s prime real estate.

There are lots more tips where these came from!

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organize your pantry

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