Organize Your Thinking – The Result

As I mentioned in my last blog post here, my neck is causing me some strife. I shared some of the details from the last 6 months, and my current perspective.

If nothing else, this neck experience has been an opportunity to learn how to own that space between stimulus and response. Responding with faith and optimism can sometimes feel as impossible as reversing the flow of water, but it’s something we are all capable of. And as Victor Frankl said, there is such power in organizing that sacred space.

It has taken a lot of effort to counter negative thoughts with thoughts like these:

What do I want to experience right now, with this neck pain?

Circumstances being what they are, how do I want to feel?

What is the best possible scenario?

What do I need to let go of to make that happen?

In my case, I have to let go of the idea of how good it feels to run or work out hard, and instead be grateful for the peaceful motion of simply walking. I have to let go of how much I’d like to be out hiking or biking or skiing with my family, and enjoy the outdoors by feeling the warm sunshine or smelling the fresh air.

I focus on my gratitude that my kids can experience these activities without pain. Yes, it’s a little tedious. But what choice do I have? Wishing things were different or resenting the way things are doesn’t fix my neck. It just makes me more miserable.

In any challenging circumstance, it’s incredibly empowering to ask yourself, “What thoughts will I select to design this life experience?” If we can be deliberate about what we want, and have the courage and determination to organize our thoughts and design this space Frankl refers to, it really is freeing, as Frankl said. I have felt it.

Deep thoughts. Next week I think I’ll just post about organizing a closet or something! ☺  But whether it’s your socks and underwear or your thoughts and your attitude, it’s important to organize, because organizing helps you take charge of your life.

It’s always your choice. Live in chaos or do something about it.

I’m here to help you organize it so you can be happy.

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