Ep. 21 - When It Isn't Very Fun

Have you ever thought about how much of what we do every day or every week is so repetitive?

And Isn’t it such a bummer that most of what we have to repeat just isn’t that fun?

I mean, it’s not like we need sunshine and roses every moment of the day…but if we feel like a rain cloud is following us around most of the time, it can get kind of hard to keep doing all the things day after day.

We procrastinate.

We complain.

We get behind.

We dread it.

And that’s not the way to live an organized life.

What we need is a way to sweeten it up – and in this episode I give you a clever little tool to help you with those regular tasks that just aren’t very fun.

It’s a catchy mantra that you can teach your kids and your spouse – and use for yourself.

It’s funny how much easier it is to do something when we have the right tool.


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