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We’ve recently established among the Happy Gal family that while I am many things, I am, sadly, NOT funny.


Here is some proof from my child on Mother’s Day. Note that she found it necessary to not only leave the box unchecked, but reinforce the matter by crossing out the word. Oh, same goes for craftsy. (And for the record, she is absolutely right.)


And that’s just too bad, because I so appreciate clever wit and a good laugh. That’s why today I am bringing to you two of my favorite women on the planet whose swimsuit video literally made me laugh out loud in the car repair shop waiting room when I watched it on my phone the first time. In less than five minutes they took the theme of Love Your Body 2017 and showed women everywhere how to lighten up!

That’s what I love about imomsohard. I need their reminders to lighten up and quit taking life (and myself) so seriously. Being a woman and a mother can be a heavy load sometimes, and if you don’t laugh at it, you might just start crying (or turn to chocolate!)

So when I reached out to them and asked if they would honor us with an interview this week as we talk about body image in the Love Your Body 2017 campaign, I was beyond excited when we found a way to make this happen.

At Happy Gal I talk about organizing your life, and an often overlooked ingredient in an organized life is having a fun time. That’s what Jen and Kristen are here for, and I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!

And don’t forget to enter the Love Your Body 2017 Giveaway HERE. Now that we’ve all witnessed what some bad swimsuits can do for our self esteem, win a great suit from Lime Ricki and $600 worth of other prizes as well!

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