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Family vacation are a mixed bag. You love them…and you love them to be over! We kicked off the summer this year with a major camping trip – 9 days of camping in a trailer with 7 people. Was I crazy to attempt such a feat? Absolutely! Despite the mayhem, however, those crazy nights where no one sleeps and all of the hikes when you don’t think you’ll make it down the mountain are the stuff memories are made of. And in between all the catastrophes are the funny and touching moments that make all of the work and hassle worth it.
But packing for such a trip? Nightmare. Coming home? Even worse. Being organized when you pack and while you travel is a must, and that calls for some Happy Gal Love. So enjoy these tips. They are your key to getting out the door with your good mood in tact, and enjoying yourself while you’re there.

A few tips for while you’re vacationing:

One Big Fat Bonus Tip for Unpacking:

Now it’s your turn. I’ve shared my tips. What has helped you?
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