Get Rid of the Clutter!

If I could sum up a single word the number one thing that my followers hate…it would be CLUTTER.

The messy countertops, the junky drawers, the stuff that seems to multiply overnight.

It never ends! So the million dollar question is: How do I get rid of the clutter?

Today on Fresh Living I shared 3 tips to help you get a quick handle on clutter.

  1. Practice “Conscious Consumerism.” This is a little term I’ve coined that helps PREVENT the clutter. As you are standing in the checkout line at Target, or loading up your cart in Amazon, pause before you checkout. Take a look at your basket and ask yourself if there is anything you can put back. Know in advance where this item should belong in your house, think about how often it will be used, and challenge yourself to take 2-3 items out of your cart. This practice can help you avoid impulse buying, and save you both space and a giant headache when it comes to putting it all away!
  2. Practice FIFO. This is another preventative tip. FIFO is an accounting term that means “First In, First Out,” but it applies perfectly to anything new coming into your home. For example, et’s say you’re buying a new shirt. That shirt is the first thing coming in to your closet, so balance it out by taking an old shirt out. Doing this with new shoes, new jackets, new toys, and new tools in the kitchen or the garage, will help you avoid the build up of stuff that contributes to overwhelm and the clutter. The best part? Built into the strategy is an automatic reminder to declutter. Every time something new comes in, you have an instant trigger to take something old out. First In, First Out!
  3. Clutter Busters. This is a strategy I teach in my Get Organized Bootcamp (link…Nicole, a new link from George is coming by Sunday, September 15), and it is a real gem. Let’s first talk about what Clutter Busters is NOT, and then we can talk about what Clutter Busters IS.

Clutter Busters is NOT:

  • An all-out organizing project
  • A time to go through a space thoroughly
  • a project requiring bins and labels.

Clutter Busters IS:

  • A 2-3 minute decluttering session where you get rid of just 10 things at a time.

The object is to get 10 things OUT of your home, and it works because it’s not an overwhelming project! Everyone can take 2 minutes and get rid of 10 things on their countertop or in their junk drawer or in their car. And if this simple system is repeated daily, you can eliminate up to 70 pieces of clutter in your home each week – without any real effort!

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And pick just one of these tips to help you with your clutter. Remember my signature coaching strategy…Small + Specific = Success! Practicing just one of these strategies consistently will give you some control over your clutter!

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