The Happy Gal 5 Reasons Why Food is your Friend

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You might be surprised to know that there are over 10,000 diets on the market today…and that means there are over 10,000 conflicting theories about what you should do to have a healthy body and reach an ideal weight.  Talk about information overload! Well, I guess this post makes it 10,001.  I’m not a nutritionist, personal trainer, or doctor.  At best, I guess you could call me a fitness enthusiast.  So why throw my hat into this arena?  A few reasons:

I just can’t do it anymore.  No more counting calories or points.  No more skipping meals if I have the willpower.  No more accepting the cultural indoctrination that food will make my body fat. The bottom line is that if I don’t like the way I look, or if last year’s jeans aren’t fitting just right, I’m tired of pointing the finger at food.  And guess what?  Physiology proves that food is not the bad guy after all. Here are 5 reasons why food is actually your friend when it comes to getting in shape:

  1. Your metabolism needs food every 2-3 hours so it gets programmed to burn fat – not store it.
  2. Food – especially protein – is what builds your muscles. And muscles are the only equipment you have that can burn fat.
  3. Eating frequently keeps you from being ravenous and over-consuming at the next meal.
  4. Allowing yourself to eat food frequently alleviates feelings of deprivation. It’s those feelings of desperation that drive us to eating the whole package of cookies.
  5. Food is one of the joys in life…kept in perspective, of course. Food can be a part of traditions, celebrations, and special occasions. Just be sure that food plays a supporting role, not the lead part.

Yes, food is our friend…but don’t be deceived; some friends are better than others.  Just like friends can build you up or bring you back down, there is a strategy for picking those foods what will give you the results you want.  See my post The Skinny on Carbs for guidance on knowing what the best kind of foods to pick.