Ep. 11 - When It's A Family Season

Ever notice how during the summer or the holidays, everything seems to unravel?

The house is a mess.
You aren’t getting anything done.
Your own personal needs are on the back burner.

…and you start to feel a teensy bit overwhelmed. Or resentful. Or out of balance.

This used to be a big problem for me. 

My husband actually pointed out that I had breakdowns at predictable times each year. 

Well, where there is predictability, there is an opportunity to organize. And so I put on my coaching hat and began to look at seasons in a whole new way. 

Suddenly I recognized a pattern I hadn’t seen before. 

And with that new awareness, I began to transition through the summer, holidays, and other family times with ease and grace.

It’s a little concept I call personal and family seasons, and I can’t wait to share it with you in this episode.

Understanding personal and family seasons is the key to avoiding a messy house and feeling burned out when you have little time to yourself – or feeling guilty or irresponsible about focusing on things other than the family when you get deep into a different role in your life.

It’s a strategy I can’t live without. I hope you enjoy!

Tools Mentioned:

  • Personal And Family Seasons

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