Organize Your Life during the Corona Virus

You may have heard me say this before…
Organizing is more than just containers and labels.
It’s about eliminating clutter, such as negative emotions and wasted time, and being intentional about what we want to experience.
Why is this important right now?
Because we all have a choice about how we are going to experience this Corona Virus pandemic.
And like always, getting organized is going to help you have a much better experience.
While having all this time off work and school and extracurricular activities is great. (no one is going to complain about being able to sleep in!) it’s also really disrupting the way we live our lives. There are a lot of unknowns about how long it will last and what ramifications it will create.
So as always, we are going to “start with what we know,” as I tell my Life Organizers.
In other words, getting organized means we are going to declutter our minds by shifting focus away from the things we can’t control and organize our experience by focusing on what we can do to turn lemons into lemonade.
Here are 5 important ways we can organize our lives during the Corona Virus.

  1. Cultivate the Right Mindset

The first place we can start is with an unusual, unexpected, and highly-coveted gift we’ve just been given:
Time is the number one thing my followers wish they had more of. And with school out, many employees working from home, sporting and entertainment events canceled, and virtually everything else screeching to a halt, we suddenly have more time on our hands than we’ve had in a long time…
…And that’s great! Because there are so many things we wish we had more time to do.
So while there are potential complications and obstacles and surely some disappointments with canceled travel plans and other events, this is the time to be intentional and look at the situation through a new lens. You will likely never have this kind of time on your hands again. So let’s invest this precious resource in strategic places to create some real value and improvement in your life.

  1. Work on a project

The normal pace of life leaves us with time to do only the really urgent things. That means projects like organizing a space or repainting a room or putting together a photo album or even getting your taxes ready doesn’t get attention until it’s an emergency – if at all. If you have a project that you’ve been wanting to get to, now is the time. Ask yourself:

  • What project has been on my radar for a while?
  • What would make me feel satisfied or excited or relieved to get done?

Projects are a very positive way to spend your time, because accomplishing something that doesn’t get immediately undone, like dishes or laundry, brings a lot of joy and satisfaction. Even better if the project can involve the kids! Want more ideas?

  • Go through closets and rotate clothing
  • Do a little spring cleaning
  • Organize the garage, toy room or pantry
  • Order the kids’ summer clothes online
  • Order YOUR summer clothes online!
  • Do some redecorating
  • Organize your pictures

Does that get your brain going on the possibilities you have before you?

  1. Set a goal

Here is another aspect of our lives we often don’t have time for. Now that your time is more your own, let’s consider some self-improvements we can make. What is something you’ve been wishing you had time to do?

  • Have you been wanting to start working out? Now is a good time with 3 months til swimsuit season. Going to the gym may not be the best idea during a pandemic but there are plenty of at-home workouts that require little or no equipment.
  • Another popular thing my followers wish they had time for is getting their finances in order. Now is a great time to review your bank and credit card statements and set that budget. If you’re not sure where to get started, check out THIS POST.
  • We can also do this with our kids. What have you been wanting to teach them? How to do their own laundry? How to cook? How to change a tire? You couldn’t ask for a better opportunity to move forward in your goals.


  1. Make it fun

It is important to balance work and play. As you are mindful of making progress with projects and goals, you will find the kids (and yourself!) being much more cooperative if they get to have some fun. Create a bucket list for the time off work and school, and make sure you do something fun every day. Maybe you can plan a readathon with treats, a ping pong tournament, a Disney movie marathon, make an Easter craft, or go for a hike. Spending more time with family is what my followers say they crave most of all, so be intentional and deliberate to ensure you make it happen. Want more ideas? Go to thehappygal.com./coronavirus

  1. Create a schedule

Lack of structure causes all sorts of problems. The kids get bored, they start to fight, they spend way too much time on screens, cabin fever sets in, and we all waste a lot of precious time.  If we are looking to balance work and play, as mentioned above, a schedule is the perfect solution. Note that it doesn’t have to be rigid or complex. In fact, keep it simple and flexible, because we also want to ENJOY this time together. But coming up with a wake-up time, an academic time, a chore time, some work time for you, and some fun time will make the next little while not just bearable, but enjoyable and memorable.
Not sure how to create a schedule that will work for you? See  thehappygal.com/coronavirus to help you create an ideal schedule that will work for you and your family.
So during this transition, let’s organize our time to work for us, helping us feel more balanced and happy and fulfilled. For more Corona Virus resources, go to thehappygal.com/coronavirus.

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