The Happy Gal Christmas Gift Guide


Looking for something fun, special, and unique for your friend, sister, or mom this year? We have the gift-giving solutions for you! These gift ideas are perfect for those people in your life who live a healthy lifestyle (or are ready to commit to one.) Or maybe you have an organizational-guru in your life who might enjoy some of our favorite organizing products. And if it’s just some fun, make-life-easier kind of gifts you are looking for, we’ve got those too. Whether you are shopping for someone else, or looking for some ideas for yourself, this gift guide is sure to help. And for more great holiday ideas, don’t miss the other posts in the Christmas The Happy Gal Way series (you can see our Healthy and Delicious Holiday Recipes here.) At the Happy Gal, we are committed to helping you enjoy a healthy, happy holiday season.

Gifts for Her


1. Healthy Eating The Happy Gal Way Cookbook – More than a cookbook, this is a guide to eating healthy and losing weight. The Happy Gal Cookbook tells you what to eat and when to eat it, and gives you over 130 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert. Click here to order.

2. Resistance Band – Weight training is an important aspect of losing weight and getting tone. These workout bands are an inexpensive and easy way to begin resistance training at home. Click here to order, and click here for some great workout ideas using the Resistance Bands.

3. Magic Bullet- If you like smoothies, this is a must-have! It’s small, it’s convenient, and you drink your smoothie right out of the cup you blend it in! For more information click here. To order, click here.

4. Rubbermaid Lunch Blox Salad Kit – If you have to eat on the go, this Salad Kit makes it easy to enjoy the delicious salad recipes from The Happy Gal cookbook. Click here to order.

5. Spi BeltYou’ve just got to get one of these babies! Whether you need something to hold your ipod while you run, or if you are at an amusement park and need some place for your phone, keys, or money, this belt is a keeper. It stretches so it can fit quite a bit, and it is such a step-up from the traditional fanny-pack! Click here to order.

6. Zone Bars – I’ve tried a lot of protein bars, and I come back to Zone Bars every time. They are the perfect snack or treat when you are eating healthy! Click here to order.

7. Blender Bottle – You burn twice as many calories if you drink a protein shake right after your workout, and these Blender Bottles make mixing up your shake easy! Click here to order.

8. Isa Pro- Want to get the most out of your workout? Then you need to know about IsaPro. This protein instantly metabolizes so when you start sweating, you are burning calories – and not your precious muscle. Click here for more information, or click here to order.


1.Polder Style Station – If your bathroom countertop is constantly strewn with chords, this is the organizing solution for you! Click here to order.

2. Brocade Desktop Filing System – This beautiful desk top filing system is THE answer to that pile of paper that is always on your counter. File away homework, schedules, and other important papers so you can find them easily! Click here to order.

3.Fridge Binz – Using these beautiful containers is the secret to having an organized fridge. These products were featured on my recent Studio 5 segment on 10/24/13. (Click here to watch it.) Click here to order.

4. Black and White Mesh Pouch Set of 4 – These pouches are the answer to an organized purse, diaper bag, brief case, or glove box. The graduating sizes keep those little things together that like to float around, such as gum, Ibuprofin, or lipstick in your purse, onesies, diapers, cutips, and ointment in our diaper bag, or registration and insurance cards in your glove box. Click here to order.

5. Labeler – Once you’ve organized things, you want them to stay that way! This labeler is the quickest, easiest way to label shelves, bins, and cupboards. Click here to order.

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