Ep. 65 - Vacation Recovery

‘Tis the season for vacations…and while this time with our family can create memories and help us relax, coming home is no picnic.

This episode is a replay from one of the most downloaded episodes of 2023  – When You Go on Vacation. 

There are two strategic times to recover from your vacation, and this episode will help you get the most mileage out of both of them!


Traveling home:

  1. Check your calendar
  2. Catch up on texts, emails, voicemails
  3. Plan your menu
  4. Make your grocery list
  5. Order groceries online, if possible


Arriving home:

  1. Unpack the car if it was a road trip
  2. Unpack the bags
  3. Start the laundry
  4. Clean the car (if it was a road trip)
  5. Collect the mail, packages, pick up the pets, etc.


Leveraging your travel time really sets you up for success as you transition back into real life. Try integrating a few of these tips over time, and as they get easier, add a few more!


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