Ep. 64 - When You Want to Organize Your Closet

Tired of a closet full of clutter?

Wish you could find what you need – when you need it – so getting dressed can actually be easy – and maybe even fun?

In today’s episode I tried to give you ten tips – but it turned into 11 because I just couldn’t help myself! 

(We will be talking about a lot of containers, so be sure to download this guide to all my favorite closet containers HERE. And yes, it includes the link. Don’t worry – I’ve got you!)

  1. Get rid of 10 things in your closet every day. Listen, things build up over time, and if we want to love our closet we have to remove everything we DON’T love. 10 things a day allows us to chip away at the chaos without detracting from everything else we want to get done…and the results add up quickly!
  2. Find a shoe solution. You’ll find great container ideas in the free PDF you can download HERE. Also note that storing off-season shoes on higher shelves, can make finding the shoes you want much more convenient and less frustrating.
  3. No more ugly shelves. Shelves are BEGGING for beautiful, consistent containers. So no matter what you store there, you can make it so much prettier with the consistent containers suggested in the favorite closet containers guide.
  4. Color code your clothes. You know those beautiful closet images on the Container Store website? Take a look at the clothes hanging in them. Do they skip back and forth between a wide color palette? No! They are color coordinated, and this is an easy, free way you can bring the same magic to your closet. Just REARRANGING your clothes can help things instantly feel more organized. (But while you’re at it, toss some of the old clothing you haven’t worn in a while!)
  5. Use matching hangers. Nothing cleans up a closet quicker than consistent hangers. Ditch the metal ones that come with the dry cleaning, and at last upgrade to white plastic with a consistent color. If you have a little more to spend, the velvet ones in the closet container guide are a great option.
  6. Utilize empty space with portable drawers. Most closets could use extra shelves for folded clothing, such as jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, or activewear. So if you have an empty space beneath a closet rod, utilize it! Bringing in a chest of drawers can be the perfect solution for shelves that are too full of folded clothes.
  7. Acrylic dividers for the win. Want to instantly feel a little more classy? Order some acrylic dividers recommended in the favorite closet containers download. Use them to separate the piles of jeans, sweaters, or purses lining your shelf. I’m not kidding – this is an easy, inexpensive addition with a big pay off!
  8. Create a shelf. Some closets just don’t have enough shelving – but that doesn’t have to limit us. Think about purchasing a shelving unit that hangs easily from the closet rod. You’ve seen them before – they are typically canvas and have one neat, vertical row of shelving that hangs from the rod to the floor. Check them out in the favorite closet containers guide, and think about how this might help your closet – or your kids. We love to use them for folding pants, sweaters, tshirts, active wear, or even shoes or purses.
  9. Dresser drawer organization. Have you got socks, bras, and underwear in a constant state of disorder in your dresser drawer? The solution is dresser drawer inserts. Check them out in the free guide.
  10. On the hook – Items used daily need a convenient solution. For example, you probably don’t want to be hanging up your bathrobe after wearing it every day. Hooks behind the door provide an easy way to hang commonly used items like robes, jackets, hats, scarves, and belts. See the guide for even more options for scarves and belts.
  11. FIFO – First in, first out. Our closets get overrun by clothing we don’t love or wear every time we blink – but we can stay ahead of the problem when we practice FIFO. Each time you buy or bring something new into your closet, make a deal with yourself that you will carry the same number of items back OUT of your closet – and donate or get rid of them. 


And if you’re ready to go beyond just tips, check out Episode 12 where I teach my professional organizing system to help you organize any space. This will show you how to organize a closet that works for you from the ground up. 

Organizing your closet is the best gift you can give yourself! Hope you enjoy the episode!


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