Ep. 63 - Organizing Tips for Summer

The school year is wrapping up and the kids can’t wait for summer to start, but if you aren’t sharing 100% of their enthusiasm, you’re not alone. 

The optimistic part of us is excited to get a break from the busy schedule, spend time with the kids, and just relax.

But the realist is worried about a whole lot of things:

  • How to handle a messy house
  • How to keep up with everyday responsibilities, like work or other commitments
  • How to keep the kids busy, so they aren’t fighting or on electronics too much…

In this episode I share 5 tips to help you organize your summer: 

  • Don’t Fight the Transition

I think of May turning into June a lot like exiting the freeway for gas on a long road trip. During the school year we have a schedule and routine, and everyone is on the same page – much like driving on the freeway on cruise control. But sooner or later, we need a pit stop. Just like it takes time to fill the car up, use the restroom, or stock up on snacks, we wil have transition time as we figure out a new normal for the summer. Within a few weeks we’ll be back on cruise control – though this stretch of road will look a little different because it’s summer. Transition is normal and clunky, but it’s a necessary part of progress. So as you raise your family, keep this metaphor in mind as you transition from one season to another – or one time of day to another. Transition is fleeting and you’ll be back on autopilot before you know it.

  • Take it Easy!

If you put pressure on yourself to have your summer schedule figured out day 1, complete with job charts and bucket lists and new skills the kids are going to learn over the summer, you may want to give yourself a minute to think. Because the kids are ready for a break – and I mean a real, sleep in, play with friends, carefree and no responsibility kind of break, let them have it the first week of summer. While they sleep in or hang out with friends, you can figure out a schedule that will work this year. Just give yourself that pause so you have the time and space to decide what you want this summer to be – and how you will create it.

  • Gather the Essentials

On a tactical note, you will likely be on the go a lot this summer. You’ll have moments where you need sun screen, bug repellent, bandaids, bottled water, ibuprofen – and maybe even an extra pair of sandals, to name a few things. Gather the essentials and keep them in the trunk of your car or create a grab-and-go bag so you aren’t caught unprepared this summer.

  • Listen to episode 36 of the Life Organized podcast

As I prepared this episode, there was one specific thing I wanted to talk about…and then I realized it was so important that I felt like I needed to cover it last year too! So rather than try to one-up an already incredible episode, your 4th tip is just to listen (or relisten) to episode 36. This is a critical lens through which you can see summer, that will help you relax, enjoy, and also maintain important aspects of structure so everyone can thrive.

  • Check out the Organize Your Summer mini-course

This is where you can learn the main strategy I coach my clients and students to use as they organize their summer.  In this short program we dive into the mindset and strategy that helps you make space for the essentials – both fun with the kids AND responsibilities like keeping up with home and work tasks. The program includes 3 quick trainings that are about the length of podcast episodes, so you can listen while you drive or walk or clean or do your hair; includes worksheets where you can design your own personal summer schedule; and offers other fun bonuses to help you prioritize the things that make summer so great for you.

So What?

Pick the tip that feels the most compelling – or the most realistic. A little bit of organization right now will pay big dividends when you are in the thick of summer!


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