Ep. 62 – 3 Mother’s Day Gifts to Give Yourself

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Hey there! I’m so glad you’re joining me for this Mother’s Day episode. Before we dive in, can I share a little behind-the-scenes story? When I was brainstorming episode ideas, I couldn’t get this one thought out of my head – how much those little handwritten coupons from my kids meant to me over the years. You know the ones…”One Free Night of Putting Myself to Bed” or “Chores Done Without Complaining for a Day.” Such simple gestures, but they spoke volumes about their love and consideration.

It got me thinking – what if we moms gave ourselves a coupon this year? Not one literally made out by our kids, but a personal promise to be more intentional about the habits that shape our motherhood experience. 

Here’s what I mean: We all have things that could use a reset from time to time, right? Little patterns or mindsets that weigh us down as moms. This Mother’s Day, why not gift yourself the fresh start of stopping one of those draining habits? Maybe it’s the pit of mom guilt you can’t seem to shake. Or striving for those impossible “perfect mom” standards we put on ourselves. Perhaps it’s overcommitting and being stretched too thin. 

The possibilities are endless, but simply let go of that one burden. You’ll be amazed at how freeing it feels!

Next, what’s one new habit or practice you’ve been wanting to start – something to help you show up as your ideal nurturing, present self? For me, it’s been carving out 5-10 minutes when the kids get home from school to really connect without distractions. Maybe for you it’s weekly one-on-one dates, teaching a value that’s important to your family, or simply befriending your kids’ friends more.  

Choose that one habit, and start chipping away. No overwhelming changes needed, just one simple step in the right direction.

Finally, and most importantly, recognize one thing you’re already rocking as a mom and promise yourself to keep it up! Don’t let your awesomeness in that area get taken for granted. Give yourself a mental high five for showing up day after day – because you’re doing so much more right than you probably realize.

Once you’ve identified those three things, I’ve got a little Mother’s Day gift for you. Click the link to print out a “Mom’s Coupon to Myself” template. Fill it out in your own handwriting, then hang it somewhere you’ll see it regularly as a reminder of your commitment to this reset. You’ve got this, mama!


When you are feeling guilty, here is something you can tell yourself:

“Stop. I’m not doing that anymore. I am exactly the mom my kids need, and I love the way I show up for them.”

“My hope is that they will remember that mommy tried. Even when she was tired, even when she was stressed. I hope they will know that I did it all for them. That I had every intention of being great, good, and grand, but that some days all I could be was okay.”


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