Episode 61 - Minimalism with Deanna Yates

Ever wonder why people who have so little are so happy?

According to Deanna Yates of wannabeclutterfree.com, there is a simple explanation. 

Decluttering and living more minimally is the quickest way to eliminate decision fatigue, which is one of the biggest obstacles to creating a life you really love. Deanna cited the “Jam Study,” where experts discovered that people are 90% more likely to take action when there is a simple decision to make. 

Minimalism also frees up your time, because less stuff often equals less maintenance.

But minimalism doesn’t have to look a certain way. Deanna reminds us that it can look different for everyone. Being a minimalist doesn’t mean you have nothing – you have just discovered the right amount for YOU.

Tips to help you minimize your life:

  • Unsubscribe from emails that advertise things you might be tempted to purchase
  • Unsubscribe from social media feeds that make you feel less than
  • Have a lot of catalogs? Catalogchoice.org is a great way to eliminate junk mail.
  • Start by decluttering simple spaces. (Save collections and memorabilia for a later date)
  • Don’t enforce minimalism in your family. Communicate it’s value, model it, and provide boundaries for childrens’ possessions and collections, such as a container or a box. (When it gets full, it’s time to let some things go!)
  • Practice gratitude. “Gratitude turns what you have into enough.”

Minimalism is a practice that can help us remember that our value doesn’t come from what we have, but who we are.


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