Ep. 56 - Becoming CEO Of Your Home

In our interview, Chanelle Neilson of Mom University shares her MOMS framework to help a busy mom manage her role as CEO of a home and family. As a fellow mom of five kids, Chanelle used to regularly feel overwhelmed keeping up with everything on her plate. But a new mindset and new systems have transformed her home.

The first M – Manifestation is knowing and picturing what you want, and this isn’t as woo-woo as it sounds. It’s really about believing that you can have what you want and keeping that picture in your mind when things go wrong. This step is usually hard for moms because it is easy to stop ourselves from dreaming. It feels like we can’t have our dreams, so letting our minds dream feels like a scary thing to do.

O – Organization– is all about getting clear on goals and specifics to make that happen. Once you have a clear picture, then getting what you want usually takes planning. What are the big steps to get there? What needs to happen in order to reach our dreams? This is the goal setting phase.

M – Mobilization- is all about taking action through small daily habits. When goals seem daunting, break it down even farther. What tiny thing can you take action on today? Real, lasting change starts with things we do every day.

S – Simplification– get rid of anything holding you back. In this busy and full time of life, things that are a lot less important get in the way of what we really want. As we simplify we take a look at what is in our life, our homes or our schedule that isn’t serving us. As we let go of these things, we make space for what we want.


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