Ep. 51 - When You Want Your Kids To Be Organized

I know, I know…if the kids were just more organized it would save EVERYONE so much hassle. But before I give you a list of things to teach your kids, let’s talk about YOU.

Kids naturally emulate what they experience. Which means the best chance of your kids being organized is for you to establish that culture in your family. So we are going to divide this conversation up into two sections. Today we are talking about what YOU can do to help your kids get organized, and in the next episode we will talk about what you can teach them.

Here’s the shortlist:

  • Speak positively about organizing. It’s easy to complain or be negative or self-deprecating, but be careful because the kids are listening. What you say will lodge deep in their subconscious…so when you are frustrated or discouraged, bite your tongue – at least in front of the kids. But when the organization is going great….
  • Make a big deal out of the benefits. When you have an organizing win, include everyone in the celebration. Each time you do, you are planting a little seed that will grow in your child with time.
  • Tell them why you’re doing what you’re doing. When you’re planning or picking up Home Base or following one of your routines, give them a little play-by-play. “I just love the way Home Base makes me feel so on top of my life.”
  • Show up and stay organized even when you don’t want to. Consistency is the magic bullet, and will build that organized family culture like nothing else can. Even if you don’t do any of the above, maintaining an organized life will speak volumes to your kids.


Now that we are clear about YOUR part in helping your kids get organized, follow along in the next episode to learn kid-friendly Happy Gal tools that you can start teaching your kids now.

Tools Mentioned:

  • “With people, fast is slow and slow is fast.” – Stephen Covey

  • “Kids will follow your example, not your advice.”


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