Ep. 50 - When You Need To Get In The Groove

We all love how it feels when life is running on cruise control. We are better able to stay on top of things, we have more time for the things we love to do, and we aren’t fighting curve balls at every turn. But life inevitably transitions into different seasons, and when that happens, we lose our groove.

Well, we can’t prevent transition, but we can have a strategy to help us get right back into a rhythm. There is one go-to strategy that will always help us spring to action and create some momentum, so we can cut through the overwhelm and see priorities clearly. And that is our favorite Happy Gal tool: Home Base.

But in this episode, we take Home Base a little further. Because this tool helps us cut through the clutter in our homes, it can be adapted to other areas of our lives as well.

Home Base at Home:

Think of the place in your home that, when it’s clean, helps you think clearly and feel motivated…but when it’s a mess, your mood sours and you feel distracted or overwhelmed. THAT is your Home Base.

Now define the boundaries of Home Base. What are 3-5 simple steps to help you stay on top of this area of your home?

Remember that this is the go-to strategy anytime you need to get back into a groove – as you transition into different seasons, or even when you need a reset during the day.

Home Base with your Family:

Are there certain things that, when you do them, help you feel more connected to your family? Or your spouse or partner? And when those activities are absent, do you feel more disconnected?

This is your Family Home Base. It could be a prayer or devotional together each morning, a recreational activity once a week, or a regular walk with your partner. Whatever it is, identify it and include it in your schedule. Or, when the family needs some unity, turn to this Home Base to instantly create it.

Home Base at work or other commitments:

Once again, ask yourself what activities help you feel successful and organized, such as staying on top of your email or starting the day with a clean desk. Adopt this Home Base concept for quick win that will get you right back into a groove in any role of your life.

Regardless of the circumstance, having a Home Base routine helps you rest and get back to feeling in control and organized. So, if you’re feeling a bit all over the place, give this Home Base idea a try. It might just be the secret sauce to getting your groove back!


Tools Mentioned:

  • Home Base


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