5 Habits of Organized People



Sometimes habits get a bad rap.

We blame procrastination, overeating, or texting while driving on HABITS.

It’s true, habits can work against us.

But we are really missing out if we only look at the negative side of habits.

While bad habits seem to back us into a corner where we don’t want to be, good habits can open up the way for really positive things to happen in our life.

It’s all about leveraging the power of our brain. Once we know how to create habits that work for us, exciting things can begin to show up for us without much effort on our part at all. Exercising regularly, writing in your journal, or having a clean kitchen become tasks that almost happen on autopilot. I like to think of habits like running a dishwasher. Yes, you have to load it, put the soap in it and turn it on, but then the machine does all the work. Likewise, we have to set up a habit and get the ball rolling, but then habit takes over – and results seem to come on their own.

I’ve noticed that organized people have some basic habits that make their lives a whole lot easier.

Looking to get some easy results in your life? Give these habits a try:

  1. Don’t leave a room empty-handed. Before exiting, do a quick sweep and take items with you that belongs in the direction you are headed. Small efforts throughout the day to return items to their homes will prevent clutter build up.


  1. Clean as you go when cooking. You often have time to kill while waiting for vegetables to sautee or water to boil, anyway. While waiting, put away food, wipe counters, and rinse and load dishes as you go. Talk about easy cleanup after a meal!


  1. Make tomorrow’s to-do list before you go to bed tonight. Not a morning person? It might help to wake up with some clarity, rather than that feeling of dread that you have a lot to do and don’t know where to start. Take a look at the calendar, note any appointments or commitments you have, and then list out your top priorities so you can hit the ground running the next day.


  1. Write down any more to-do’s on your list as soon as you think of them. We all know how it feels when those tasks start swirling around in your mind. Overwhelm quickly builds, and with all that chatter, we are in danger of losing track of priorities. Give yourself some peace of mind by having a trusted to-do list where you can immediately jot those tasks down as soon as they pop into your mind.


  1. Use waiting time to get things done. Some tasks, such as answering an email, sending at a text, or ordering something online, can be done anywhere your phone has internet service. If you have a ready list of tasks, you can utilize little pockets of time while waiting for carpool, at the doctor’s office, or in between appointments, to knock some of those tasks off your list.

Good habits work for you in the way that bad habits work against you, and it really isn’t hard to get those good habits started!

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