Ep. 49 - When You Don't Have Time To Exercise

I know, I know…so many things we have to do. Dishes, laundry, run the kids around, stay on top of work and all. the. things. Who has time for exercise?

YOU DO! And in this interview with Courtney Wyckoff from Momma Strong we talk about WHY exercise is so important, and HOW you can make time for it.

You are going to LOVE the refreshing approach Courtney takes to fitness and exercise. If you are discouraged or exhausted or totally turned off by the way the fitness industry so often leaves you feeling like you’ll never measure up, you are going to love Courtney’s refreshing approach.

Almost in an act of rebellion, Courtney redefines the purpose of exercise as conditioning your body so you can show up in your life with confidence, and have the strength and desire to do all the things that make you feel alive – whether that is doing a cartwheel, hiking a mountain, or getting off the lounge chair and actually swimming with your kids. It’s not about how you look, it’s about the way you feel – and Momma Strong’s customized workouts promote the kind of health that doesn’t fade as you age.

Momma strong posts daily 15-minute workouts customized for the different stages in a woman’s life, including prenatal, postnatal, and beyond. The program also has experts on staff to help with daistais recti, pelvic floor recovery, and more. And you can try the Momma Strong program for just $5/month for the first 90 days.

In a true “done is better than perfect” spirit, Momma Strong’s approach encourages women to show up for themselves and give what they can, in just 15 minutes or less.

This program is an invaluable resource for busy moms who need to adopt a different narrative about themselves and their bodies, and who are ready for a quick, reliable, consistent way to invest in themselves and their health.

Highlights from this interview:

Exercise is a way to check in instead of check out. Connecting to your body not only contributes to your health and fitness, it creates a landslide of other positive action in your day, such as better motivation and improving your mood.
The Momma strong technique helps you avoid “goal euphoria” – the inevitable crash that happens when we set our expectations too high.

Courtney’s approach focuses instead on three things:

  1. Name your reality
  2. Grieve your disappointments
  3. Begin again with a minimum dose

Mantras include:

  • “Begin again,” “It’s never too late to start your day over,” and “Win Ugly” – inspired by Andre Agassi’s book, Open
  • “So What?” What action do I take after listening to this episode?
  • “I believe you.” Your story about yourself and your body is valid. And with that, start today with whatever movement feels right to you. Even if it’s just a minute of jumping jacks.


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