Ep. 38 - When You Need A Little Boost

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up every morning in a good mood? Or just have an extra boost of optimism or energy in your day? Subconsciously we are always looking for pick-me-ups that can do just that – and we often turn to spending money or snacking on junk food for that quick boost. But there is something we can do to experience a happier state more regularly – and that is to organize our home. 

“A rising tide raises all boats,” and the state of our homes can be much like a rising or falling tide – we go up or down as our home vacillates between organized and unorganized. There is so much power in making this connection, because we can consciously design our lives to include more organization, so we can regularly experience that little boost.

In this episode, I share 3 easy ways we can organize more often, so we can give ourselves that little boost.

  • Create a routine, or regular time, to do organizing projects.
  • Turn to organizing in moments when you feel imbalanced our out of control
  • Bust some clutter every day with my Clutter Busters technique


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