Toy Organization

Just when you think you finally know how to organize, hard-to-organize items – such as these toys – can make you feel like you’re back at the starting line. Or maybe you’ve organized your toy room before, but your kids just don’t cooperate with putting the toys back into the bins. It might be time for something a little more creative…like these fun containers: 

Game Organization

Game can quickly become a nightmare. An assortment of different sized boxes that break down and leak game pieces is a problem we will always face – unless we revolutionize the containers we store them in.

Try replacing game boxes with these mesh pouches.

Pouches are also a great way to store puzzles…

Stuffed Animals

The problem with stuffed animals is that they are so big and can clutter up a space so quickly. And every storage solution I have found just adds to the cluttered look – large nets or laundry baskets or cages full of stuffed animals of random sizes and colors…there’s just not a good way to make them uniform and pleasing to the eye – until I came across these Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Chairs. If you’re going to have them, you might as well have the storage solution be functional and decorative.



You can sort and store legos into bins all you want. The problem comes when it’s time to pick them up. Because kids need to see legos spread out to find the piece they are looking for, this Canvas Bin allows the kids to play – and clean up – with ease.

Nerf Guns

Nerf guns are big and bulky and hard to store. A large tote is a quick solution, but if your kids want to be able to see their artillery, get creative with a cork board or shoe rack. (I loved this tutorial on how to build a nerf gun wall.)

Shoe Organizers

You’ve probably noticed that I use over the door shoe organizers for more than just shoes. Check out these creative ways to make toy storage a little more visual for kids.

Bin Labeling

While the ideas above are helpful for some unique toys, in general you are going to need to store toys in bins. Labeling is a must for cleanup, but for young kids, consider using picture labels instead. Give them every reason to clean up without needing your help!

Need to store toys in the living room?

I loved this way of camouflaging a toy closet. If you don’t have space for a toy room, or need toys near you where kids can play – but you hate the cluttery look – consider covering a shelf of toys with a curtain. Brilliant!

If you are still looking for some help to really get your kids’ toys in order, check out my Get Organized training. Packed full of various methods to help you organize your stuff (like toys, closets, pantries and more) you’ll also get coaching on how to organize your paper piles, your health, and yourself. Click HERE for more info.

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