So Much To Do!

This sums it up perfectly:

We wear a lot of hats! Sometimes don’t you just want to ask the world how you can really be expected to keep up with everything? I sure do!

I’m learning some important lessons about this. One of the toughest answers to accept is that I simply can’t do all that I think needs to be done. As I have made my own emotional, mental, and physical health a priority, I’ve had to accept that there are limitations on what I can do. There are only so many hours in a day, and there is only so much I can do in that time without compromising my health and well-being. But with that time I do have, I’ve learned how to make it really count. That’s what today’s post is about.

Here’s a tiny preview of my topic at The Mom Conference this week. As mothers, we are overseeing our children’s education, teaching work ethic and responsibility, spiritual, social and emotional development, and meanwhile typically running a household and possibly even balancing a career in the mix. And while I can talk all I want about limited bandwidth and time available, homework still needs to be completed, laundry done, the refrigerator replenished with food, and the toilets cleaned – at least occasionally!

So how do we get it all done?  Without totally shutting down from overwhelm?

 You can start here:

Stop Putting Out Fires. Fires are the worst! These are those in-your-face, do-or-die tasks that are so urgent, we can’t ignore them any longer. They dominate your day, and leave you feeling exhausted! Fires create a toxic productivity cycle. They cause you to neglect other responsibilities while you put them out; meanwhile those responsibilities grow into fires of their own. How to stop them? At The Mom Conference I’ll be sharing Three Questions to Douse a Fire – and you’ll be amazed about how you can immediately begin to douse the raging fires in your life.

Work Smarter, Not Harder. I don’t care if that sounds cliché – there’s no better way to look at it! Regular routine chores – like laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping? They should NEVER be a source of stress. I call the solution to this The Secret Sauce of Productivity. Check out this solution at The Mom Conference.

Find Time for What Matters Most. This can be annoying to hear as a busy mom, because that’s exactly what you’d like to do – if you weren’t wiping up spilled juice and trying to clear pathways through all the toys and clutter while scheduling an important appointment. But there is something powerful that happens when you design your life around what matters most. You can suddenly detect what is less necessary and it begins to fade into the background. Your energy replenishes and your time seems to multiply when you prioritize the things that matter most. Tricks to do this coming at The Mom Conference.

Guys, so much I want to share! But there is only so much I can give you in a blog post. Catch me at The Mom Conference for more on this subject – REGISTER HERE!

Any thoughts or comments on balancing the many responsibilities of motherhood? I’d love to hear your comment below.


  1. Karen says

    I was loving your interview on the moms conference and have written notes about the PATH guide to creating a new routine, but then missed the 2nd half of the interview as I lost connection. Do you have anything written/recorded anywhere that covers the 2nd half? Would love to know what I missed

    • Jenny Layton says

      Hi Karen, so glad we connected at Thee Mom Conference. Get Stuff Done is a newer class I am teaching and you will be definitely hearing more about it in the future, but at this time I don’t have the content recorded for purchase. I know that it was possible to purchase The Mom Conference, and if you missed it I’m certain Desi will open it up again for purchase in the near future. I am also teaching this class at Pinner’s Conference in Utah this weekend. Coaching sessions are also a powerful option so reach out to me via email if you are interested. Hope this helps!

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